Official MNOG: 1.5, The Bohrok Swarms Topic


That's right I used letters to abbreviate numbers, deal with it. Rolls right off the tongue

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please learn flash :sob: where is nuparu77

Your MNOG 1.5 is dead, son. Accept it.


:pensive: :rage:

:thinking: where are the other chapters :thinking:


he gave up, I do not know where Nuparu77 is maybe this topic should be closed? It's outdated and will ever be finished although I want MNOG 1.5 even it is incomplete but

75% has not been done all I see is Midak taking a nap.

Huh, wait, I actually found it! It was on my desktop the whole time guys, my bad! :slight_smile:



Did you also find the lost Bionicle: the Legend of Mata Nui on your desktop?


:disappointed::unamused: Not funny just please upload Chapters 3-9

In all seriousness, I've explained a few times on here why it's quite difficult to "complete" this project like you want on my own. Nuparu and I are still in contact, and soon I'll be learning a bit more about flash from him. Right now this is more of a side project/hobby I have, that I'll try to work on if I'm extremely free. Don't go expecting such grand things as "6 chapters" from me however, as I have a job and am a college student, life is quite busy.
If you really want to have a better understanding of the difference between me working on this project and, say, Templar studios creating Mnog I/II, here it is:

Large group payed to program, make art/backgrounds for, and create MNOG

A college student with next to no flash experience, who is doing all of those things for free, on my own

So if I have updates, I'll be very happy to share them, but you shouldn't expect that much


I'm sorry :disappointed:

Dang Im here in 2020 following along and since there hasn’t been an update in forever I take it its officially dead?


I have a copy on my computer, and it captures the feel of the original game incredibly well, it is a shame that no progress has been made.


I really liked this. Shame it quit development.

This is epic, keep up the good work
-Indi’s roommate

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