Official Ninjago 2015 Spec, News, or Hopes

So, I make this topic because amid all the #OmegaTahu hopes, I gotta wonder about Ninjago.

I'm very, uh....out of the loop, on any news, so I dunno if you guys are any more clued in.

Any news or speculation you wanna share?

What about just things you think would be awesome, or would wanna see?

As for me, I think a Knight/European Medieval enemy would be pretty cool. And the Ninja get like, awesome armored forms and whatnot?

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Well, they've gone digital (heh, see what I did there?), so what's the next step after that? Maybe they could dive deeper into the historical/mythical powers vs. new age powers, not necessarily tech, but modern stuff.

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I'd like to see them take a step backward from 2014 and go back to the traditional Asian feel + combat vehicles. And possibly screw the modern city feel entirely, that aspect killed Ninjago for me.

And if they brought spinners back, then that would be awesome.

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I agree 100% with you on this – as I like for us to see Feudal Japanese (or other ancient East Asian) architecture, and military costumes, vehicles and weaponry from Feudal Japan (and/or other East Asian countries in ancient times) in next year's sets from the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu theme!!!

Well, gents, what we gotta consider here is how they're gonna fit that into the story. I mean, Ninjago's closer to its story than some may think.

Also, with Speedors around, I doubt we're ever gonna get spinners again.

We received some 2015 news from SDCC. It basically boils down to this:

  • There will be a new color of Ninja
  • The futuristic theme will be scaled down
  • There will be a NEW villain



Scaled down, I can see, but like, completely gone was just too farfetched, with where the story looks to be(as of Codename Arcturus. Haven't seen The Void or the Last Episode).

And so all we know about the villain is that they're new...

Hmm, maybe It's just me, but come on lego, #KnightsforNinjago2015.

It'd be like the ultimate battle between east and west influences!(I think it'd be cool)

Hmm, new color ninja...sounds fun.

Hm... so far we have red, white, blue, black, and green... and Pohatu's back in burnt orange for 2015... TOA MATA NINJA CONFIRMED

I myself am hoping for Purple. Y'know, maybe promote Pixal to full-on Ninja.


Jay must end up with Nia. MUST.

First off, it's Nya, with a Y. Just a tip for you.

I think that the triangle should've never happened in the first place, but you know Lego. Them and their triangles.

I'm also wondering what our new Ninja color's gonna be.

Purple? Orange? IDK, mang.

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Oh, sorry, I forgets. But yeah, if Nya ends up with Cole, that's just not cool. She already treated Jay like a jerk and brought almost no affection on her side as far as I can remember.

That's bad enough. But now she's pretty much ditching him? After all that's happened? Because of a stupid machine?!

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Having seen The Titanium Ninja, without spoiling anything, it looks like they will probably step down from the super high tech stuff, and return to the feel they had in 2012-2013.

I would share my hopes a bit more, but I don't want to spoil anything.

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A step down from the techno feel has already been confirmed, and it's already happened at some level in the comics. (#FarshteyMakesCanon)

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GO Phantom Ninja! But in all seriousness. All I want... is... Steampunk Ninjago.

We already had that in 2011 for the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu theme in the form of the Skeleton vehicles!!!

Those weren't steampunk enough

Then what do you think should be steampunk enough for the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu theme?

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Dragons, Ninja outfits, mechs, steampunk villains.