Official Pins & Axles Discussion Topic

Hello everyone, and welcome to the official Pins & Axles Discussion Topic.

The point of this topic is for people to discuss the content within the videos. I’m eager to hear thoughts and opinions.

Pins & Axles is a bi-weekly series aimed to analysis various themes from the perspective of their sets. I’m always taking suggestions, and am interested to know what you all think.

The first episode is here:

Thanks for watching/reading, and farewell!



No but for real, great episode. I like the visual style of this series a lot.




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The first episode was nicely done, I think.

I’m assuming you will be doing the Flashback Years and the Igniton Trilogy as well?

Also, I’d like to see this been done for the Throwbots/Slizers and Roboriders.

so far i like it, and i can’t wait to see more.

Any editing you do in these videos is going to look masterful and perfect, because I suck at editing

so ignore my overly praising repeated comments on how good an editor you are

You’re a godtier editor, by the way

Just like pretty much everyone else I really loved this episode. I’m already onboad with this series. I’m also really curious to see future episodes.

Personally if I had any recommendations, I would go over the original system BIONICLE sets from 04-07 and the large Knights Kingdom buildable figures.

I think the show is nice to get some breakdown as to why those sets specifically are considered better (other than Nostalgia) despite being mechanically inferior to latter sets with more articulation and conplexity.

Are you going to cover G2 eventually as well??

@Eljay This is an interesting topic and I really like the points you covered and how you showed ho nostalgia can be a bit blinding and I never knew that the first few years of Bionicle were called the “Golden Years” I hope this series gets a really good run. Thanks and I eagerly await the next one. PS: that was a pretty funny editor joke and I really wanted to hear that minifig joke; I get that the skipping of the joke was the actual joke but I still would like to know what that joke would’ve been if one of the other 2 Eljays :wink: :mask: :mask: hadn’t jump-cut over it. Hope you got a good laugh out of this and that you have a great day.

Great video, loving this kind of ‘video essay’ series and its style- something that really connects with me more than the other stuff out there. Nice work, here’s to many more episodes!

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That intro is by far the cheesiest and most cringe-worthy thing I have ever watched.

Edit: Strike that, it continues…

I’ll be going a variety of subjects, but I unless I have a reason to discuss them I doubt I’ll be talking about those two specifically.

No where near as good as Var. =P

If I need to, absolutely.

This post was the least helpful and most cringe-worthy thing I have ever read.


It looks good can’t wait for you diving into LEGO Classic Space.

Nice first episode, liking it so far.

What if your editor is really one of the other Eljays from TTE!!!

Obviously im not out to offend but its has been bothering me. While i loved this first episode in the intro at least it seems your audio is ever so slightly delayed. Is it just me or was it done on purpose or accidentally or even just the best fit you could get?

I thought this topic was gonna be about the pieces. I’m kinda disappointed…

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Odd, I did my best to sync it up. It seemed fine to me. I’ll see about being closer next time.

Fair point about it being not helpful, but the other part… I don’t see it.

Wasting time makes me cringe.