Official TTV MOC Contest #2: Brickonicle

Trying to paste the image without having saved a file won’t work. You’ll need to actively save the image as a file (I’d recommend a .PNG file) before attempting to upload it.

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Thank you. I will try to make my entry tomorrow.

When I will do it again, I will write: “Special Thanks to Eljay.”.:mask:

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my entry for the bants

Alright so there’s a slight chance my final entry will use constraction parts for the… “base” is that ok? I’ll try to make the rest of the build with SYSTEM parts.

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So long as the aforementioned ratio (85% System and 15% constraction/Technic) is kept, then yes.

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My first entry: Brickonicle Contest: Glatorian Arena

Would this arm piece split by two colors allowed in the contest or naw? And if so, can we do this with any peice that can have multiple colours in LDD?

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It is allowed.


Here’s my entry: Brickonicle Contest: 81930 Onu-Koro

Hey, Eljay! My entry is almost complete, but I still have two questions for you.
First: Even if I use the Upload Button, the Images still appear like a code (I don’t create the entry yet. It is normal?
Second: I have no idea how I can link my entry. Can you tell me, please?

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My entry.

Here is my entry! Enjoy!

hey did you change the final day for entries? cuz it says feb 12 (please keep it that way)

Yeah they did. Good too, I still can’t decide what to do for my final entry :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! I have more time now to finish!


Here is my second entry:

Here’s my second entry:

Here are two of my entries

Final entry! Thanks for hosting an extremely fun contest, guys