Official TTV MOC Contest #2: Brickonicle

What do you have in mind? I think if it’s a person against a creature you can easily add some terrain or make the creature have many pieces. You’ll need to do a lot better than just 2 figures.; my second try.

Well, it was already a terrain structure that I had already bloated up to add an extra few parts. Fixed it now though 106 pieces.

Here’s my second entry.

Gotta say, I’m loving some of these entries!

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Entry: The Battle for Okoto

Finally getting my first entry up: Tahnok Va Attack

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Here’s my second entry, since my first one was disqualified:

Ahkmou’s Comet Ball Stand

Second entry: Boxor vs Nuvhok

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My second entry: Brickonicle Entry: Escape from Metru Nui

So, I have a very important question.

Will points be taken off for minifigs that don’t resemble the character much?

What I mean is if I made, say, Lewa, would points be taken off if he was just a green minifigure and not something with a mask? Obviously he’ll share basic elements like color. He won’t be orange or anything. I ask, since I don’t have many pieces to use for masks, and I personally dislike using LDD, and also because actual bionifigs would have new molds for helmets and new prints.

Obviously custom built stuff is going to be better, but in terms of minifig vs minifig.

Hey Eljay, I’m not sure if part of my entry contains illegal builds - can I PM you directly with some pics to confirm?

I’ll say this: Do your best, just know that we understand the limitations.

Just check the guidebook linked in the first post regarding illegal connections.

Entry numero dos:

Ok, that’s probably the best answer thinking about. Thanks.

McRahkshiman’s entry is ready to go!

Also using mobile for this kinda sucks.

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Second and Last


[The Battle of Light and Shadow]([Brickonicle] The Battle of Light and Shadow)

My second entry:

Third and final entry: Attack on Ta Koro

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