Official TTV MOC Contest #2: Brickonicle

If you’ve been listening to The TTV Podcast recently, you’ll know that a heavy topic of discussion has been whether BIONICLE would have been better off as a System theme, or whether it should stay constraction. Kahi even opened up a poll in order to gauge thoughts and opinions from you guys. And today, it’s time to put this discussion to the test.

Your mission, should you choose to build it, is to create a feasible LEGO BIONICLE set… out of traditional System. This means a Set Name, Piece Count and Price.

The goal here is to see what it would be like if BIONICLE had actual system sets outside of the ones released between 2005 and 2007. Let’s get into specifics.

A set must be:
-Made physically or in Lego Digital Designer/equivalent (i.e, Stud.I.O, LLDraw, etc)
-Given a name
-Given a piece count
-Given a price

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll say every 100 pieces equates to $10.

As an example, imagine a System LEGO BIONICLE set based on the Battle of Metru Nui, it’d be formatted like this:

Set Name: The Battle for Metru Nui
Piece Count: 2,531
Price: $250

There is no maximum limit to how big the set can be, however the set cannot be less than 100 pieces. So no polybags, these need to be actual sets that come in a box.

In order to enter, you must make an entry topic showing your creation with at least 4 photos of the set or LDD model file. Then, post in this topic linking the topic. After that, sit back and wait!

Let’s go over some rules.

  • All Message Board rules apply. Please see here for more details.
  • Custom and/or painted parts are allowed.
  • LDD is allowed and encouraged.
  • Entries must comply with the official Stressing the Elements presentation. This means no illegal connections or stressed pieces.
  • Collaboration is not disallowed, but we only have so many prizes to go around and the person who enters will get the prize.
  • You can make up to three sets per person. Any more than this will be disqualified.
  • The entries must be 85% System, and will allow for 15% constraction/Technic.
  • If you receive any suspensions during this contest, you will be immediately disqualified.
  • While locations and vehicles do not have to be, we do require that the minifigures be canon characters from either Generations from BIONICLE.

As far as prizes are concerned, here is how we’ll award the winners.

There will be three winners, and the prizes are:

1st Place: A current LEGO set worth $60, plus a contest winner badge.
2nd Place: A current LEGO set worth $40, plus a contest winner badge.
3rd Place: A current LEGO set worth $20, plus a contest winner badge.

Prizes will be sent out internationally, so no matter where you are, feel free to enter!

The deadline is February 12th, 11:59 PM EST. That gives you over an entire month to order parts, create and post to the Boards.

And that’s it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We reserve the right to make changes to the rules at any point, so any updates will be posted here. Best of luck, and happy building!


1: Vulcanus Magna Invasion Battle Set by SpeisCheese
2: Attack at the temple of plasma by takutanuvaMOCs | Disqualified due to non-canon minifigures
3: Attack at the temple of earth by takutanuvaMOCs
4: Gali vs. Tarakava by Alex_Twenty_Two
5: The Bohrok Nest by Toa_Distraxx
6: The Fire Temple of Unity by Mrlegolover55
7: Manas Attack by Plural
8: Ga Koro Rescue by forumposter
9: The Dark Portal by Square
10: Battle of Bara Magna by its_me_klc
11: Iron Tribe Attack by JonBlueFire
12: Bahrag Cavern Battle by VelociJACKtor
13: Village of Stone Bust-up by Celemimphar
14: Po-Wahi Stopping Point by Spiderus_Prime
15: Battle of the Mask Makers by E-Matt
16: Asault in the Mountains by thundermaster612
17: Gukko Bird Defense by Pavetsukkeli
18: Ta Koro Gate Defense by Brickpiler
19: Po Koro Kohlii Tournament by Kardax
20: Lewa vs Skull Slice by E-Matt
21: Venom striker Battle set by Rac
22: Ko-Koro Gateway by King_Ved | Disqualified for being less than 100 pieces
23: Le-Koro Raid by Plural
24: Axalara T9 & Rockoh T3 vs the Jetrax T6 by Mrlegolover55
25: City of the Mask Makers by CM4Sci
26: Lewa’s Jungle Speeder by CM4Sci
27: Ta-Koro by takutanuvaMOCs
28: The Theft of the Makoki Stone by Leetr
29: Attack on Ga- Koro by MrJoeBoto
30: Vakama’s Forge by Xing1870
31: Ambush in Ga-Koro by BlueCel | Disqualified due to permanent member ban
32: Matoran Transport attack by ZiontyroMetalhead
33: Takanuva and the Ussanui by BlueCel | Disqualified due to permanent member ban
34: Arrival at Turaga Beach by MrJoeBoto
35: Battle Against the Morbuzakh by Kardax
36: Brick built Toa by TheTDChronicler | Disqualified for remaking a pre-released set
37: Rescue in Ko-Wahi by Gilahu
38: Attack in the ancient ruins by BlueCel | Disqualified due to permanent member ban
39: The Mask of Light by JediTimeLord824
40: Battle at Kini Nui by Majora
41: Showdown in Le-Koro by MrJoeBoto
42: Kini-Nui Strike by smeezle_deezle
44: Glatorian Arena by darkbrick999
45: 81930 Onu-Koro by Tora
46: Ultimate Collector Series: The Kohli Arena by Toa_Vladin | Disqualified due to non-canon minifigures
47: Bohrok Attack by CraftyGaming
48: Tahu Nuva Statuette by TheWaywardWobbuffet | Disqualified for remaking a pre-released set and illegal connections
49: Tahu Master vs Loss by Darknova3529
50: Makuta Encounter by CraftyGaming
51: Zaktan’s Release by Leetr
52: Skull Slicer’s Jungle Temple Attack by Pak
53: Makuta’s Underworld Seige by Pak
54: Stone Mech Attack by CM4Sci
55: Kaita Team Wairuha v.s. Teridax by Brickpiler
56: Makuta’s wrath by TheBestAuggieS
57: Krika vs Toa Tahu by Power.Mocs
58: Dark Hunter Pursuit by Warcrafter
59: Forge of the Mask Makers by E-Matt
60: Fun at the Ussal Race by Plural
61: Mask of Air Ambush by Celemimphar
62: Nui-Jaga Nest Battle by ReeseEH
63: The Nui Rama Invade Le-Koro by AIDY_the_BOOKLE
64: Vahki Transport by darkbrick999
65: Race for the Mask of Control by ZiontyroMetalhead
66: The Battle for Okoto by Spidrak
67: Tahnok Va Attack by BricksOfAwesome
68: Ahkmou’s Comet Ball Stand by TheTDChronicler
69: Boxor vs Nuvhok by BricksOfAwesome
70: Escape from Metru Nui by Warcrafter
71: Desert hideout ambush by Rac
72: Exo-Toa Cave Battle by Zero
73: Piraka Studio by Square
74: The Battle of Light and Shadow by TrotterNuva
75: Makuta Lair Attack by JediTimeLord824
76: Attack on Ta Koro by BricksOfAwesome
77: Great Temple Of Metru-Nui by Kardax
78: Skull Warrior Ambush by ThatOneMOCist
79: Tahu’s Quest for Unity by ThatOneMOCist
80: Scarabax monster by Rac
81: Matau’s Dark Hunter Encounter by Doiboy35
82: The mask makers forge by Kojo
83: The Battle of Kini-Nui by TrotterNuva
84: Mutant Ussal Attack by Warcrafter
85: Gadunka Encounter by Square
86: Fire Village Raid Retaliation by its_me_klc
87: Bohrok Sea Temple by Disty
88: The Forge by Gurido
89: Ruined Prison Showdown by Leoxandar
90: Bionicle - A Legacy by JonBlueFire
91: Kini Nui mess attack by Mistah_Grammaticul


This seems like an extremely interesting contest, although I have a couple questions:

  1. Will it be limited to canonical areas/vehicles?

  2. Are minifigure-scale replicas of an already released set (ex. the Skopio XV-1) allowed?


Not at all, however we will restrict to canon characters from both Gens.

Yes, but only if they’re included in a new set. So not a standalone replica.


so, a small diorama, something like the skopio, and some minifigs?


That could work. You may want a few extra vehicles or a small structure, but that should be alright so long as it isn’t an exact rip. It won’t be immediately disqualified, but I doubt it’d win either.


can you still get the prize if you live outside the U.S?

Unfortunately, the first place prize will be limited to North America.


Is the bade and shoutout exclusive to 2nd place and 3rd place are are they all included up to 1st place? Like say I valued the badge more would I have to make my set good enough to to get second place, but also make sure it is not good enough to get 1nd place.

1st place prize will include the prizes from 2nd and 3rd place.


Would a large complex set get better ranking than a small good looking one?

Or would you decide when the time comes.

Since we’ll be the judges, I won’t say what our criteria will be. So just do the best you can to make it convincing!

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With “Brickonicle” do you mean: specificly G1 or G2 in system form, or the concept of Bionicle as a system theme?

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I just have another quick question,

Will all entries have to comply with the official “Stressing the Elements” presentation that dictates what is and what isn’t an illegal connection?

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Mainly the concept, however we would still like to see canon characters. So while you can make recreations of events from Gen 1 and 2, you do not have to.

I’ll actually say yes, since while we allow custom and painted pieces, that’s just to try and get the feel and aesthetic of a BIONICLE system set. While it’s happened, LEGO does their best to avoid stressing pieces and using illegal connections.


Thank you.

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This might make me actually build something, so I’ll enter. Though I must say, being in the UK, I am kinda disappointed about being immediately ineligible for first place…

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Seems like a nice contest, too bad I won’t be able to participate :cry:.
Unfortunately I don’t have the time to dedicate to such a project.


I have the perfect idea.

I like where this is going, but I have a few questions before I enter:

  1. You said this will be based on canon characters only. Does that mean we could make our own interpretation of the characters -say I wanted to make Vezon a happy gleeful toa, for example. Could we have the “story” set in other Universes, say The Kingdom alternate dimension?

  2. I have a topic revolving around my own version of system Generation 3, which you can find here. Could I use some of these character models?

  3. I have my own Matoran and, essentially, Turaga, on that same topic as well. Could I introduce those characters in my sets? Of course I’ll have Tahu and the like as well.

  4. Lastly, if we’re working with LDD, would you prefer that the images be rendered with a particular program? And if so, which one would you like use to use?

Thank you in advance!

5.One more thing, would you like us to include a set description/small story, so it’s easier to know what’s going on? Would the same apply if we use own own characters?