Official TTV MOC Contest #2: Brickonicle

The post is correct, but it needs to be it’s own topic. Then post a link to that topic here.

Can I just keep it here? I don’t know how to link a topic and the time is almost up.

No, it needs to be a separate topic. And no worries, there is still a full day left.

In order to make a topic, go to the proper subforum and hit the blue plus in the lower right hand corner.

Also, please do not double post.


Thanks, how do you link this post to mine? Do you use the hyperlink?

The Battle of Kini-Nui

My third entry: Brickonicle Entry: Mutant Ussal Attack

ok, I lied
Note: Will edit description when board is fixed.

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i just want to say good luck to everyone ^^

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Just a reminder everyone, there is still time left! Here’s a handy countdown timer to help out.

Best of luck to all!


I don’t think I’ll be entering - honestly I’m very, very bad with System, but I’m working on getting better! - but I’d like to thank TTV for putting on the contest anyway. It’s been nice to see such creativity and participation on the community’s part, and I look forward to seeing what you do for contests in the future.

Congrats to the soon-to-be winners and good luck to all competitors!


Here’s my entry:

Good luck to all entrants - there’s some really nice creations in this contest!

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My entry: Brickonicle: The Forge

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I’m having fun watching all the entries come in.

But has the site been down like all day for anyone else? Lots of… bugging.


There’s a topic for that, mate.


Here is my topic.

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It’s certainly been buggy the last couple of days.

So, question: what with the board errors the past couple of days, will the deadline be extended, or no?


We will not be extending the deadline any further.


My final/second entry!

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