Oggugog the Executioner

Uber simple little bad guy. For the longest time I’ve been trying to find a way to use that Knights Kingdom helmet and pauldrons. Couldn’t find the right inspiration, so this guy was the best I could come up with.

Oggugog the Executioner


He is so cute!


Textures dony match all the way imo

This is really cute and menacing.

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Fair point. I don’t think they make any other knights kingdom armor that matches the “hammered” look of the helmet. These pauldrons are at least silver speckled paint, so that matches. But the texture doesn’t.

(Insert high-pitched voice here.)
“Fear my power!”

“Wait… no, stop! Unhand me, you fiends! I am not a plushie!”


He reminds me of a child thinking he’s a bad knight.

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That’s a very apt description. Like a little boy, who snuck into the armory and put on his Dad’s stuff.

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how’d you do the head

Just put a t-bar in the top of the head, the put the other part of the bar into the hole in the top of the helmet.