Okotan Adventures (RP Signup)

The ideas that formed his basis were really, really not the best choices at the time for me to work with in making a weak character (which this actually is as close as I could get), so I just mainly focused on having him rarely do anything besides spread some irritation, and work on removing him as quickly as possible.

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That’s when you change the plan. Change the idea and tone it down.

Even the best ideas go through many iterational changes, sometimes even partway through the project, so such an idea should be considered next time something like this happens.


I literally had no idea how to tone it down below this after what I’d shown in rp, stated in rp, and based him upon, which is mainly why I tried to highly, highly limit what he usually did besides act… really quite childish now that I look back on it…

Hence why Symphony called him a toddler…


Which is actually unbelievably accurate going by his mental age (despite physical such can differ, especially going by some other facts/traits/etc of his).

[spoiler]Honestly Symphony was probably most mature of the two.
(How do you do the strike through?)

[s], ended with [/ s] is the usual, but I’ve discovered < s > doesn’t actually require </ s> to end the strike-through (can only cover connected lines though, so no visible space between the ‘enter’ or else you gotta put another), but you do need the </ s> to end it or it just covers everything.

Awesome thanks. Still a bit worried if we meet Karx.

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Oh? And why might that be?~

After returning from soccer practice, OT has some stuff to say about the conversation that occured[quote=“KAI_BORG, post:450, topic:42553”]
You don’t get to voice that type of opinion.



There’s a very big difference between this and IoM. This is a very story based RP, IoM is more of a “do whatever you want” sandbox. Granted there are limits, but they’re much looser than they are here.

Plus there’s very little story in G2 to work with


Look Kai, I get the fun in playing powerful characters, but they can’t be untouchable. I know you’ve said they have weaknesses, but I’ve yet to see any sort of weakness or failure unless I pull out some device specifically meant to deal with those characters. I honestly hate to do that, but there’s very little else I can do. As for this place, I had Eric shooting at Sun’s mask/face/whatever, which I’m pretty sure you said is a weakness, but it doesn’t faze him.

I mean, that’s basically what you and I did in IoM, and what you’ve done here.

I mean, you say that but we really don’t know if that’s true. Sun didn’t show any visible strain from that, not to mention he was able to do it from atop a mountain quite a distance away. I don’t quite see anything showing how taxing it was, despite what you’ve said here.

Try just toning him down regardless, say he was weakened after doing whatever, say that he lost contact with his energy supply, there’s all sorts of stuff that could’ve been done.

But that’s just my two cents I had to throw in upon my return.


Ahem, his form literally shattered, he lost an entire arm (which he just barely reattached) and forcibly ejected his mask after doing that, his forms still highly shattered.
He had a literal pit in his chest where the weird inner crystals of the beasts body is on show for all to see, and this isn’t even mentioning the other ones!

Along with that, as some might note seeing as how he should’ve been able to repair this by absorbing light for energy, he isn’t gaining energy back!


Secondly, want to hear how to beat him? Don’t attack him only from the front! Like, literally no one has ever tried to sneak attack him from behind once when he’s fighting other people, only from the front!
Or get an item that can rip his mask off!
Literally anything but shooting the mask at such an angle that it would just slam it back into his face for crying out loud!
I literally showed how that wasn’t working when I said all it did was slam his head back, and cause a small rain of crystals to fall from below the mask.

Even just continuously smashing his body until only his head/upper torso remained would’ve worked better than that plan, cause, as I showed, even that club wielded by your Okotan, who is notably weaker than a Toa, carved a literal trench into his shoulder whereas it would’ve bounced off such as a ‘real’ beast!

Like, hell! Other than his powers he’s easy to beat! He’s pompous, easily angered, distractible in so many ways, and he’s cocky to a level he rarely even uses his powers to any output!

Also, here’s a thing, which I’m like literally not joking about! If you had actually tried that in the fight before he set up his darkness shield/covering, you would’ve knocked his mask off because he was too focused on Symphony who was in front of him!


Thirdly, as stated, going by his basis, I have no idea how to do such at this current point. I also don’t need to seeing as how he’ll be gone very soon.


Now then onto the beginning, actually, going from what I can tell there may have been a story planned for IOM, seeing as how even the other chaotic RP’s of Runa’s I’ve been a part of have had a plot of sorts, but, since you brought in yours, we’ve had no time to search for if such exists due to continuously having to not die whenever you make it rain molten lava or whatever it is you choose to do!


No, I complained because you brought in abilities/items/related which you’re signup sheet never even alluded to.
The other stuff was mainly debating and figuring out if stuff worked in such a way/how to make it work/etc, I.e. development which I usually end up doing in quite a few RP’s and enjoy.

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And due to his intimidation factor from his aesthetics, abilities and actions, we were paying more attention to trying to stay alive than the weak points. I will give you credit for the design and the fact you’ve been able to roll with all this stuff.

Also, theoretically speaking, what would happen if the Sun Eater and Light Keeper masks were fully restored, repaired then fused?


Well, while you would be killing the two, you’d basically be forming either a living ‘elemental’ of darkness and light, or one of shade/whatever that mixture would equal… either way, it’s power would have a very high chance of being to a level higher than both… either that or just the same/really quite a lot weaker.

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Huh, that’s interesting. Care to hear my theory/hypothesis on the result of such a fusion?


Also, ‘funny’ tidbit. Want to hear how Sun was beaten when he was first around/made? Which I’m pretty sure I’ve stated somewhere or other? By a literal lucky shot from a protector/trainee!

Sure the fact he was more animalistic back then helped with that, but he was still taken out by what amounted to a random/loose shot!

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Well, let’s start with some of the obvious ideas: the experiment could be impossible by the nature of the masks, they could cause a catastrophe worse than the Great Cataclysm caused by Makuta’s Forbidden Mask shattering or it could just end up being a Takutanuva type of event.

My theory/hypothesis is that the merge could create a sort of more perfect attempt at making a MoUP. Light and Darkness/Shadow are usually portrayed as the primal/original elemental forces of the universe or some variant (like Egyptian mythology with Ma’at and Isfet which are Order and Chaos respectively) of them.

The fused mask could result in essentially creating a sort of deity of balance and harmony. The embodiment of equilibrium. It could also result in the being that is made to act as the mask’s vessel/body to be more of a complete person who is mature, wise far beyond his literal age, mighty enough to be a Toa, all things considered or could be a new Okotan Deity of Balance and, maybe, Justice.

What do you think? If they evolve like that, it would give a very good reason for them to not get involved in events as they used to: they can’t do it anymore so that the mortals they now will watch over can learn and grow properly while it is a pretty happy ending for everyone.

In this sense, both Light Keeper and Sun Eater would find victory and peace in this because both individuals are now one complete person. They would essentially have their wishes and deepest desires fulfilled to some degree and be able to leave without setting off a Ragnarok.


I mean, holy crap, this actually sounds pretty logical for, well, any of the results… but I sort of feel that wouldn’t eexactly be allowed/wanted by the others, and to fuse such would either require them being convinced to attempt it themselves, or take quite a while to get the necessary equipment set up to do such.

While I would like to say that, due to their nature as ‘alien’ material, and sentient masks, that reforming both of them into one material would kill both, potentially fusing their minds together does actually make sense for such.

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On paper it makes sense, but it would fall apart when introduced into G2 canon. Even a mixture of a Jungle and fire mask was deemed too uncontrollable.


Ekimu’s got a huge forge in the City; that covers equipment and possibly the knowledge of how to work with that metal. And with the two actually agreeing to this idea would be pretty slito none considering Sun’s personality.

The main problem is both meta and in-universe: the meta part is, as you said, everyone else may not be keen on this idea and the United-universe reason is that there is “a sacred law that forbids making a mask with more than one Element; otherwise it will be too strong and the user would lose control.” Ekimu, in obedience to this sacred law would want to prevent any attempt at this experiment. The last time such an experiment took place, he lost his brother, was put into a coma for over 1,000 years and caused the Great Cataclysm.

Thanks, @Traykar, for providing a canonical example of why this wouldn’t work. That solidifies and proves the argument more. And I hope that did not come off as condescending, I meant that with the kindest regards.

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Besides; correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t last night’s argument end on the conclusion that gods/shadow monsters/elementals/related beings were OP and that Sun was going to be written out of the RP soon, seeing as he’s served his purpose?

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