Okotan Adventures (RP Signup)

I’ve described it at a scourge of the RPs of TTV, and it is really that - a pointless rule that leads to so many complications and issues.[quote=“Runa, post:571, topic:42553”]
Oh, like, for example, an invisible person shooting him from behind from not that far away with a powerful sniper rifle?

While I slightly question his being there, Omega_Tahu did nothing against the rules of the game or the rules of his character. His intent and actions were consistent with his manner of RPing and lined up with his character’s goals and agenda. The real problem, I would think, is that characters wielding firearms were ever approved.[quote=“Runa, post:571, topic:42553”]
Sacrifice a not as developed character to enhance another to a point greater than the two combined were at before.

But don’t create a character for the sole purpose of being killed off. I always create a bunch of characters and see which one I like the best, has the most potential, and is overall the most interesting. The others are still good, but eventually are delegated to tools, or backups, in case my main one gets killed off.[quote=“Runa, post:571, topic:42553”]
Actually, I’m in the wrong here. He shouldn’t have to read an entire separate topic to know the rules.

On top of that, a PM.

With this out of the way, I have another character to introduce. This is the last Lord character I will be creating that I intend to play. I’ll explain what I mean a bit later.

Name: The Lord of the Core (The Core, Titan of fire, original name Sultus)
Element: Lava, Fire
Equipment: Obelisk of Masks
Appearance: The Core stands incredibly tall, his head is just a pinch smaller than an Okotan hut. His body is disproportional to his head, smaller than it should be. Thus, his head sets him off balance occasionally. The mask he wears is called the Obelisk of Masks, an indent on his forehead has the power to use any Kanohi set within it. His body is charred and black, chunks of forgotten armour fused to it in inhuman fashion, and the architecture of some past buildings clings to his form. He is, by far, the tallest being in all of Okoto, instantly being qualified as a colossus. His eyes are eternally kindled flames, ever seeing, and never sleeping, unless submerged in molten rock or the coldest of depths.
Powers/Abilities: The Lord of the Core Hasn’t used his fire abilities in literal ages, and his memory of how to command fire at will is so imperfect and unpolished he had practically no access to it at all. A mask of Fire would jump-start the process, but it would still be slow. Anything that gets too close to his fiery eyes ends up getting burned. Despite his massive size, his strength is less than impressive. Walking long distances completely drains his strength unless he readies himself greatly beforehand, he can’t punch through much of anything that isn’t wood or dirt, and he absolutely cannot tolerate cold. He is, however, capable of lifting a handful of Okotans with blind ease, most weapons do little against him, and he can swim through molten rock like water.
Bio/Personality: In his reign of terror, The Lord of the Core was tricked by his Ice Brother to fight in a glorious war against the ancients, which he bested with relative ease. yet, even at the prime of his existence, the ancients found a way to seal him inside the volcano, to forever sleep until someone foolishly enough decides to activate the volcano before its day is due. Before the war, however, The Core was seen almost as a god to the people of Okoto, and granted only Okotans of Fire the immense privilege of approaching his resting place and speaking to him. Many found this as their trial of manhood. Lies from the Lord of the Undying Storm cracked his iron faith in the Okotans, and an extwensive battle with the ancient’s at their final battle cracked his physical stability. Melting sections of buildings to his body as armour, the Lord of the Core was driven directly into the red hot volcano and left to sink, the weight of his newfound armour pulling hi to the bottom. There, he would be unable to do anything but sleep, as his eyes were doused by molten rock, and he waits in silence for the volcano to erupt, or at least open.
His new personality, however, is incredibly timid, as most of his memories as The Lord of the Core have vanished. His hatred, however, for the Lord of the Undying Storm, has lasted throughout his time asleep. He has an almost intimate connection to the region of Fire, and would never dream of hurting any of them without a very definite reason. He appreciates the inner fire coming forth from all life, although he is not opposed to squashing a flower or two. Likewise, he can feel he cold coming from any being, and most times it repulses him. Familiar in both the ancient tongue and the tongue of Okoto, The Lord of the Core has but one purpose in life aside from the elimination of his treacherous ‘brother’: Find a purpose.

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Oh, I didn’t mean to imply he was. I was jokingly trying to point out a small bit of hypocrisy. Namely:

And then creating a scenario that wouldn’t give the character he was fighting a chance to react. I have nothing against that situation(personally I think it could have led to good development), nor against him personally, just wanted to get a little jab in ‘for funsies’

Also, accepted.


That wasn’t what I meant and you know it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yeah. I know.

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Name: Thirty-Seven
Element: Stone
Equipment: Elemental six shooter
Appearance: Similar to Forty-four, but taller, with a tan pelt, along with a poncho
Bio/Personality: Brash, and Headstrong. Shoot first and ask questions later type.

Name: Twenty-three
Element: Jungle
Equipment: Machete,
Appearance: Shorter than Forty-four, pelt is a lighter color than Forty-Four’. Missing part of left ear.
Bio/Personality: Cautious, methodical.



I would like Choroko to be in the RP

but I’m not a RP type of guy

but here’s my concept for her

Name: Choroko

Element: Water

Equipment: a spear like weapon, mini harpoon gun


Bio: Choroko is a Protector of Water and the Daughter of Kivoda, her mother wasn’t from Okoto but decided to live there, Choroko mostly spent her childhood in the Region of Water and practice her Elemental Skills, she also was taking healing lessons with Athena (@Toa_Vladin) and she been friends with her ever since and was on her side about the murder, when she became 18 years old she officially became a Protector, and now she not just protect her Region but entirety of Okoto.

Personality: she’s sweet, kind, and a little shy, but she’s not afraid to fight.


Hey, @Runa can you give me details about Izin when he turns into an elemental beast?

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Sure. He replaces his mask with a Beast Mask, and usually he gains the defining features of the beast. Like with a Storm Beast, he gets the claws and tail, and his legs become the slightest bit more animalistic in both, all on a normal Okotan frame, and with his white armor mixing with the Beast’s armor.

Also, @KingBoss, your character is accepted.


Name: Tangi
Element:Technically ice
Equipment: Three strange sound-laser cannons powered by Elemental Sound Crystals(one on arm, one on each leg), a sword/amp, the Mask if Sound(I’ll have a visual later, but it isn’t the mask in the Moc.)

Bio/Personality: Loud, very spur of the moment, loves music, not one to keep her opinions to herself.


More characters?!

And there’s another familiar face. Nice to see she’s gonna be showing up soon.

Yes. And no. She won’t show up very often, but since she’s showing up in Lync, Nahgor, and Stranger’s quest, I needed to make a signup for her.


Being inspired by what @Toa_Vladin did a couple of days ago I decided to edit and update my sign ups for my characters. Also there is one new character who is gonna plat a big role in Tarkur’s backstory thing I have planned. <-- If that ever gonna happen tho is the real question. The characters are sorted after when they got posted in th sign up. @Runa

Name: Azure
Element: N/A
Items: A stone tablet that once held create power, Two Magma swords and one shuriken
Can create substitute dolls to dodge and stuff/s.
Can be invisible for 1 hour a day (in game time)

Personality can be found here:

Backstory: Azure was created sometime during the spring and loves therefor that time of year. During her early life she took it upon herself to keep a certain MM in check so that peace could be a reality in Bernard’s room. Before her travels to Okoto she was lost in the multiverse with a plethora of beings on an Island of Mystery. During her time on the Island she fell in love with a being named Echo but was unfortunately separated from him sometime after Island of Mystery. To find him again she convinces a MM called Keltraz to help her create a device to let her travel to Okoto, little did she know that she wouldn’t find the right Echo.

Name: Leif
Element: Jungle
Items: A short sword, A hammer, some other tools

Personality: Kind, polite, a father of two and a jokester
Backstory: Leif was the oldest son from a wealthy family from the Jungle Region. He is the older brother of Era and was the firstborn because of this he took over his parents business. The family business that’s been going for generations but when the Toa arrived and reclaimed the Mask-maker city he lost customers. This has made Leif hate outworlders, for the most part, he’s grateful for the Toa’s arrival but not the side effects from it. His profession is Engineer. He is considered a family man and he lives in a small village in the jungle region. He is about 35 years old.

Name: Tarkur
Element: Fire
Items: An album named: Family memories, Several Widgets he looted from some ruins, A chest plate he found in the Stone Region and a Flame bow.
Appearance: Stands a little taller than your average Okotan but not by much, He wears black armour with dark red detailing. One of his fingers is grey due to it being modified for better response time for pulling a trigger. His maks is a standard Protector mask with the colour dark red fading into black.
Personality: Polite, kind, Serious if he needs to be, reliable, stubborn and when he fails continuously he gets annoyed and sometimes even flat-out furious. Otherwise, he rarely gets angry, he hates being alone and prefers all sorts of company.
Backstory: During the skull spider invasion Tarkur lost both his parents and got to live with his grandfather until he died leaving Tarkur alone. During the Skull spider attack that robbed him off his parents, he had asked Tahu for help but it was to late. Tarkur’s idol as a kid was Tahu because he considered other beings life over his own. Tarkur tries to live up to the image of the Toa and has therefor named himself “Guardian of the flames”. He travels between the villages helping escorts and supplies to safely make it through the harsh environments of Okoto.

Name: Era
Element: Jungle/Water(Check apperance)
Items: N/A
Appearance: A female Okotan from the Jungle Region tho most of her clothes and armor are from the Water Region. Her clothes has a touch of expensiveness to them and looks almost regal. She wears a Green protector mask which fades into a trans dark blue color.
Backstory: Era and her brother Leif were children in a wealthy family from the Jungle Region, The family owned their own company which would later be given to Leif since he was the oldest of the siblings, Era moved to the Water Region to live closer to the ocean after some years of living there she decided to open up a hotel. she has a history with Tarkur too but more on that later.
Personality: Nice, welcoming, can at times be easily annoyed, generous and has an interest in swimming.

Thanks for reading!


New ones are accepted.


I still need so many more G2 sets/pieces. ;-;

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me to @KAI_BORG, me to ;-;

also, it said that the RP well automatically close in 3 months.

should I be worried about that?


So, Choroko should already know all of Vladin’s characters seeing how they are cousins. Just thought I should let you know incase you didn’t.


At this point Lync and Tathel are just gonna be Vizuna’s kids, to complete the set. :stuck_out_tongue:

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actually yes, but she’s mostly good Friends with Vladin and Athena.

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