Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

“Uhm… Nothing major.”

The Wolf briefly spotted a flicker of a large shadowy creature from afar, roughly humanoid, two glowing eyes, and a pair of large antlers situated on its head.

“Face me!” Growled the Wolf, “I’m, I’m not afraid of you.”

Azure took off from where she stood now that the situation has ended. Of course not really noting nor care about Ghidora’s glance towards her, she began looking around the area for the fire okotan she saw earlier. She didn’t know exactly why thus okotan had peaked her interest but the fire okotan girl had nontheless.

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“Hey, wait!” Athena said, following her.

Azure ignored her.

“Come here!” Athena said, catching her by the shoulder.

“What?” Azure asks quickly turning around not giving eye contact.

“I have something important to tell you.”

“Ok, go on.” She replies

“Hope you don’t expect me to tell you something important in a place where Captain-If-You-Don’t-Respect-My-Idiocy-I’ll-Send-Walking-Dead-To-Kill-You and the aforementioned walking dead could hear us.”

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“I do actually, If it is something you can’t take up with this “Walking dead” I wont listen. Unless given a reason too.” Azure commented slowly turning away from Athena.

“Because Tarkur and Era need you.” She said, hoping to convince her.

Her eye raised a bit after hearing the names and sighs “What do they want? I’m kind of busy you know looking for Vizuna and stuff.” She answers.

“No offence here, captain Snake-Eyes, but it’s obvious that looking for Vizuna was not initially your main goal.”
Athena said, folding her arms.

Gladius heard Athena’s voice. Glancing back told him that she was attempting to convince Azure to leave.

With a deep internal groan, he folded the scroll and tucked it away in his armour. I’ll just have to guess. Can’t handle the two of them and the Collected alone.

Stalking back up to Hitora, his eyes darted for a moment back to the pair. “We need to move.”

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Athena didn’t responded. She either ignored him, or just didn’t care enough to open her mouth.

Are you certain we can’t do anything to the irritance?” Collected asked, sidling up to Gladius as he spoke in a lower, more furtive (though still far from truly quiet) level than usual.

Nothing lethal of course, we will follow your commands as stated. But we could probably easily be able to render, and keep her unconscious for a decent amount of time if needed.

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“In your dreams, Walking-Corpse!” Athena said behind her shoulder, loud enough for him to hear her.

By now Vladin and Icar would have most likely arrived in the City of Mask Makers.

Gladius scowled.

“I have a document with official citation from Ekimu.” He grumbled. “This does not give her invulnerability or a lack of accountability. If the situation demands it you will strike. Until then we will suffer her presence.”

Gladus moved closer to Hitora and spoke soft enough to Athena couldn’t hear. “We’ve been tasked to move towards the north. There is a temple of some kind with Uxar’s crest adorning it. Let the guards know we came by word of one Kiva, the guard I just spoke to.

“Wrap it up.” Gladius suddenly said, spinning around to glare at Athena and Azure. “We’re going.” He started moving towards the northern entrance.

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Athena rolled her eyes and sighed.
“If you say so.” she said, walking towards him at the same rate as Azure.

Vladin entered the city. He looked at Icar, then at his bag, and then at the city gates. His plan was simple: he was going to read Blaze’s journals from cover to cover, trying to find out everything about his plan.