Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Azure ignored her and moved away from her visibly pissed off.

Athena let her do sokso, still chuckling.
“Wonder why Tarkur and Era want her so badly.” She whispered for herself.

Gladius couldn’t pretend he didn’t notice them whispering back and forth to each other. No, he couldn’t hear a word that was said, but Azure was making it so obvious she didn’t want to be talked to it was possible to completely ignore.

After they had passed out of the northern gate, Gladius looked at Azure. “Have you any idea how old this forest is? half of it has changed since I was younger.”

Athena was listening to him from behind him. She could say something sassy about Gladius’ unspecified age, but she preferred not to.

“Not a clue.” She said a bit of annoyance could still be found in her voice.

After a few more buckets, Vladin fell on the sand, exhausted.
More villagers offered their help to extinguish the fire.

Athena continued following the group, standing quiet.

Rena looked over the huge, deep crater.
“OK, now what? We just wait for Erebos to show up?”
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“What are you doing here, Ghabix?” the brother asked from behind him.
“I— I— was just looking.” the Okotoan of Jungle said.
“Just looking?” the brother asked, to which Ghabix nodded. “Just like how you were looking at my brother’s mutilated body?”
Ghabix didn’t said anything. His eyes were opened widely, stuck on the improvised tombstone. After a few moments of silence, he slowly nodded his head.

Icar kept working to extinguish the flames, glad that others were helping.

“I’d prefer we had some way to shield our minds from Erebos’s Psionic abilities so we can get the jump on him but I’m sure how that is accomplished.” Blaze said.

Dax comments,
“Well, what do we know about his powers? Obviously, we know he has psionic abilities.”

Capella thinks,
“Has anyone ever attempted to shield their mind before?”

“Telekinesis, mind reading and usual psionic powers.” Blaze said, “I’m not sure if anyone has attempted to shield their mind and been successful.”

Dax thinks,
“Is that all? Personally, he seemed like a shadowy fella, when he was at Melody’s place he hid his face with shadows. I believe there is a chance he has some manipulation of that element.”

Capella comments,
“He does have another ability… When I first met him. He had an ability similar to Symphony’s own shadow cloak, though it was much more restricted in usage, it felt like he could only move so far with it.”

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Blaze seemed uncomfortable, “Shadows are a dangerous element to try and understand because it is so rare in our realm.” He said.

“To be honest, I don’t think he will try any mind tricks on us.”
Rena said, leaning on a boulder.
“The day I met him he used his mind powers only to talk to me telepathically. He could have easily attacked me, especially since he knew that I wanted to kill him.”
She said, not remembering that the second part was a secret, up to that point.

Dakron listened to the conversation carefully.
He had met Erebos once before, and was not eager to do it again.

Dax comments,
“The last person with the shadow element that I knew of was Umarak, perhaps they are a similar. It may be jumping quite a conclusion, but perhaps since they are similar in stature and appearance and mystery, perhaps the two are the same kind.”

Capella speaks up,
“You’re suggesting Umarak and Erebos are the same species?”

Rena’s eyes opened widely. She didn’t even dare to move one finger. Apparently, the other didn’t heard her. It was for the best.

“You’d be amazed how much things like this can change.” Hitora responded.

“Why are you in my town, Ghabix?”
“I–I uh…”
“You are a stranger between all of us. You don not belong there. But suddenly, my brother gets killed in an extremely gruesome way, and now you’re here, in front of a tomb of a person that is not even related to you!”
“I-I… Wanted to be respectful…”
“Respectful you say, huh? Why aren’t you respectful towards me and leave this place. You don’t belong here.”
Ghabix lowered his head, looking at his dusty boots.
“NOW!” the brother yelled loud enough to scare Ghabix a little.
He closed his eyes and turned around, leaving.

Erebos was now on the frozen glacier of Okoto and was making his way towards the deserts. He thought about searching the icy region he was in though he doubted he remembered exactly where he was. After all the entire island has changed, a region was partly sunken in the ocean, the jungles are much smaller, and now… there’s a glacier. What in the name of the Toa happened since he was sealed in those ruins!?

“Well, it is certainly old… That cousin of yours was called Geet…he was my brother…”
Melody says.
“Wait! We’re cousins?”
Xol exclaims moving closer to Melody.
“Not quite”
She pushes him back,
“We’re not cousins, Geet was adopted into my family. I’m Melody Kokinos.”
Xol lowers his head,
“So…my uncle and aunt?”
Melody confirms,
“I’m afraid so. I never saw what happened, but once my brother Symphony returns-”
“Where’s Geet currently?”
Melody feels a cold chill when Xol asks that question,
“Geet was here…but I failed… to save him…”
Xol’s eyes darken,
Melody replies,
“A bounty hunter, trust me revenge isn’t a good idea.”
Xol chirps up,
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him calmly.”
Melody watches as Xol leaves,
Xol turns around,
“I’m going after him, no matter what.”
Melody grabs her gear from her room and runs after him,
“But, you’ll need some help.”

Sonata watches as Both Melody and Xol leave the house. I guess now’s the time to act, if I plan to do anything. Well, you said to wait, but you I don’t remember if you said where. Time to find you…Symphony. Sonata gathers her things and locks the house. She was going to find Symphony and Toa help her if she was going to be stopped.

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After a full hour of hardworking, the fire was estinguished. Vladin was still laying on the sandy street.

“Where are we going anyway?” Athena asked the group. “Ekimu told me that we had a job in the capital city of the Jungle Region, and that’s it.”
She asked, tho a part of her knew that at least a part of the group will keep it a secret.
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Rena sighed happily. Nobody heard her. She prefered to keep her initial task a secret.
She jumped on the boulder she was leaning against and looked down at the four in front of her.
“It’s getting dark. We should prepare for sleep. One of us also needs to stay awake to alert us if Andhera shows up.”
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Ghabix was looking at his dirty boots as he was walking aimlessly in the massive openness of nothingness.

“We’re looking for Pheore and Vizuna.” Hitora told her.