Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

The noise immediately drew the attention of the Lord of the Undying Storm towards the mountain range… In the opposite direction. The echoing noise had spoken of a presence and he had hoped it was Ekimu.

He let out a bitter, growling sigh as no figure could be seen in the darkness, and no sounds followed. “Stupid wildlife.” Then he noticed Capella.


Kryuna would hear a conversation common between a young parent and their child. The most notable things that were talked about was how the child helped his grandfather in the kitchen to cook the family their dinner, from the conversation Kryuna would learn that the grandfather ran this small tavern, which is why the guards would visit, as many of them were local and from this town.

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Capella looks at him with “that” look,
“I feel like you did something…or had a question…but I’m not sure.”

Erebos seeing that one rock was not enough did his tactic again, hoping the repetition would work in his favor.


Kryuna would continue listening for any other details. She also nudged Hiraeth with her elbow, signaling him of the guards conversation, and to see if he had any input. @Axels

The Lord of the Undying Storm almost rolled his lip up under his helmet in a confused sneer. “Did Ekimu have to mentally educate basic speech patters to every one of-”

There was a loud cracking noise as a decent-sized rock, followed by a few others, smashed against the mountainside before catching a path directly into the crater, splashing into the water. By the time they landed the Storm was primed.

“My one current flaw is poor night vision,” He growled to Capella. “Watch that ridge; I think someone - maybe he - is here. Or the mountains decided to fall apart coincidentally while we’re sitting here.”


Blaze readied himself and tries to shield his mind from the Traitor’s psionic abilities.

Rena jumoed on her feet as she heard the comotion.

Hiraeth takes note. “They’re just normal people.” He whispers to her. “I’m not seeing anything really noteworthy. You?”

“That one has a kid. Could be used as levera-” She cut herself off before finishing. “questioning.” She suggested in a hushed tone as she turned back to fiddling with her scarf, not wanting to stair at them for to long and risk looking suspicious. “Though I’m not sure if our new friend would like that.” @Axels

Lync shrugs, then points at Skipper, drawing a question mark in the air with one finger.

At last Ekimu stands upon the ridge above the Dark Crater, squinting in hopes of making anything out in the fading light of dusk. It’s difficult to make anything out from this distance, but a light draws his attention. Erebos wouldn’t have made a campfire, would he? What did that make this - travelers? Perhaps. He would need to warn them, lest they be endangered in the crossfire. The Mask Maker sets off down the slope, new vigor in each tired step.

The bartender raises one eyebrow. “Oh really? That sounds nice.”

Vohman stops with a shrug, leaning back to watch things progress. (@Runa @Toa_Vladin @Tarkur @KAI_BORG)

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Azure sees Gladius and Hitora readying themselves for a fight and does the same.

Skipper looks at her in confusion, from her point of view it would look like a really confused guard. Anyhow Skipper decides to answer with “Ticket to guards hidden fort.” He sats waving his hand to motion Lync to leave.

Jevis continues walking, but keeps his guard up. He tries to examine one of the less crumbled statues as he walked by.

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The father had the most important piece of information. He spoke saying that he was on patrol, and that he can’t stay long. He was to go on the roundabout route then return to base.

Erebos took his chance and dashed towards the crater, teleporting inside once he was in range of it.

Ekimu might notice a flicker of shadows as Erebos sprinted and teleported into the crater, though this may have been mistaken for an animal.

Dax looks at the rolling rocks, “I’ll head up to see if there’s anything up there.”

Capella stops him,
“You aren’t going alone.”

Melody looks him in the eye,
“We need that information. It’s and orange fire okotan, with yellow markings. Tribal-like. Look, we need this information now, or the song that was of three years ago will make his mark again.”


Something dark shot past the corner of the Lord of the Undying Storm’s eye. He growled, spinning towards the watery depths in the crater.

What I would give to get at least some of my ice back right now… He Started advancing closer to the edge, confident he had seen something shoot by and enter the water, although he couldn’t see it now.

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“We will do what needs to be done. That’s how it’s always been.” Hiraeth doesn’t think Lync would mind, nor did he believe they would actually harm the child.

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Lync could do as this stranger said and leave. Instead, she steps closer, trying to peer through the window over his shoulder. “What are we looking at?” she asks in a whisper.

The stone is cylindrical, almost like a tree. Alternating rings of intricate symbols and the likenesses of various creatures, some familiar and some not, are carved into the pillar. The structure is topped with a long, smooth shape, with two horns jutting from the top accompanied by the jagged stump where a third would have once rested.

The bartender rolls his eye. “And I need to make a living. I get it, you two are new around here, but there’s one thing that makes this business go 'round. If you can guess what that is, maybe I’ll help you out.”

Ekimu does not notice the shadow, focused as he is upon the campfire. He makes no efforts to conceal himself, his golden armor possibly visible to those at the camp. (@Toa_Vladin @BlackBeltGamer98 @Jcton @meepinater @Ghid)

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Vladin eventually fell asleep, letting Journal 1 to fall on his face.

Athena and Rena were with their respective groups.

Ganoru was waiting for an answer.

“Well…” The bartender taps the counter as they think. “Capella has been seen around the City of the Mask Makers in the past few days, according to my sources. Allegedly she left with a small group, heading out to the west. If they planned the excursion, it was in private; I haven’t been able to find anyone who knows where they’re going or why. As for who might… I think she was seen leaving with Ekimu’s apprentice, Spark or whatever his name was. His family lives here in the city; they might know where their son went.”

Dakron stiffened and turned towards Ekimu. Though blind, he had felt the Mask-maker’s presence.
He took a tentative step towards Ekimu.

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He nodded and thanked before running out of the inn."

Erebos dove under the water’s surface. He peered up, hoping this would disguise himself well enough. That being said the Lord of the Undying Storm might see ripples in the water, via the disturbed reflections of the night sky.

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Melody rolls her eyes and coughs up a small bag of widgets.

Dax and Capella looks up to see Ekimu his golden armor glittering from the fire. Capella immediately stands up as if she was going to salute or something similar.

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