Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

“With your head.” The Lord of the Undying Storm glared back. “It’s dense enough.”

“As for the rest of you, pull no punches. If he doesn’t wish a fight he will attempt to make a run for it. Don’t give him the opportunity.”

“Grr…” Blaze growled before climbing up the crater and watching for any disturbance in the water.

Xol grips his pickaxe tightly as he looks up, expecting the worst.
Melody grabs her weapon.

Erebos dives deeper into the crater looking for some clue of Makuta.

The guard looks at Skipper,
“Where’s the rest of your group… and you’re early…wait…did you-”
The other guard arrives to his post,
“Boss got the word about the stranger… oh hey Jerdan, where’s the rest of your patrol?”

Dax goes over to Blaze,
“Are we sure we don’t have any better ways?”


It had been a long day.

The Lord of the Skies had slowed the lift down considerably with his weight, even after shedding a massive amount of his excess form. But after walking in to see the elders, and greeting them with a flamboyant, sweeping bow, and a speech prepared about how he was the lost spirit of the jungle, returning after thousands of years to his realm… Nothing. They started in absolute silence.

He had opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by the noiseless fixation which he was presented with, and which he equally challenged. Vaalku wasn’t the only manipulator. These old birds will crack.

But they refused to. In fact, they stared at him in silence for so long that it was almost dusk before the Skies finally gave it up. They had guessed his game, and outplayed him the only way possible.

He sighed bitterly, eyeing the floor in dejection. “Fine. You got me.” His form began to ■■■■■ back into the less appealing, hunched cylinder which he was accustomed to, although considerably smaller than before. “My name is Morrus. I am the lord of the skies.”

If any of the elders were old enough to have returned from that era when the powers over Okoto turned on their people, or heard the legends of their actions, they were hiding their shock well.

Halmos was once again standing on nothingness, overlooking the City of Mask Makers.

The mask of flight had allowed him to make daring basic thievery , as there was basically no one in Okoto who could track him in the clouds, much less follow him in the sky. They would need a gukko and even pushing a gukko to its physical extreme had, ultimately, not been fast enough. There had been a few, but they had gone. He ruled the skies.

His murderous attack by taking the mask had resulted in numerous deaths, broke the sky arena, and threatened the lives of hundreds more. But there was still some twinge of doubt, that maybe his scheming mind wasn’t enough to carry him through all the time.

There’ll come time for a test. It won’t be long before Okoto is ripe for the taking. I need to visit the powers that be, and then maybe…

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@Jcton “Back in the Village. At the pub” Skipper says trying his best at making his speaking fluent. “I said I would return early to report to Lady Krad so they could party…” he continued accidentally slipping on one word but hopped thag they wouldn’t notice.

“It looks like that guard has a family connection to this tavern.” Kryuna said quietly as she subtly nodded in the guards direction. “He said they were on their way back from a patrol, so if we keep trailing them, we should find what we’re looking for.”

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One of the guard looks at him,
“Is that so? Lady Krad wouldn’t be so happy that you’ve left your patrol… I’d suggest that you would at least bring another…”

One of the guards stands up from a stool. It was the oldest of the group. He barked,
“I think we’ve spent long enough time here. It’s about time we head back, don’t want to be late for our shifts.”

“Did I stutter?” Skipper says watching his tongue not to misspeak. "I wouldn’t have the heart to be a party pooper. " He continued, he looked at the guard intently, “Let me through!” He said sharpening his voice.

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“There’s our queue.” Hiraeth mutters to the two. @TheMOCingbird @jayzor17


“Wait a sec, we can’t make it to obvious that we’re trailing them.” Kryuna said.

Jevis continued walking, keeping an ear our for any noises. @jayzor17


Dakron stood silently in the group of Ekimu, Blaze, Rena, and the others.
He was unsure of what to do or say, still embarrassed from his fall.


The clatter of skull spiders overhead continues, almost loud enough to mute the banging coming from elsewhere in the building. Whimpers come from elsewhere in the crowd. The wood and stone creak ominously.

As he dives, the light from the fading day slowly dims, leaving him adrift in a sea of darkness. Should he look up, the water would be tinted indigo, and should he look down… was that a hint of scarlet below him?

One or two of the Elders gasp, recognizing the title well. They all turn to the leader, awaiting her judgement on such a momentous occasion.

“Tell us, Morrus… why have you returned?”

Lync waits, idly tapping her knee.

He hears a slight creaking from up ahead, where an increase in light might indicate a clearing in the trees. He might notice something more noteworthy - the glint of reflected sunlight, as if off of another’s weapons or armor.

Heaving a sigh, Ekimu leans down and retrieves a burning branch from the campfire. He holds it aloft, gesturing for the others to do the same with his free hand before retrieving his hammer.

“While a course of action may not be clear, standing about gets us nowhere. Please, take a torch. Spreading about the crater’s rim will give us the greater opportunity to encounter the Betrayer when he makes his escape. Should he use his shadows to attack or confound you, the absence of your torch shall signal your status to the others. I shall leave it to your discretion what company you keep; though might it be too much to ask that my apprentice accompany me?” He turns to Blaze, waiting for a reaction. @BlackBeltGamer98


Blaze heaves a heavy, dreading sigh and nods, turning to join (@jayzor17)

Blaze, as he passed Dax, simply whispered, “I don’t know.” (@Jcton)

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Dakron didn’t grab a torch; being blind, it would only weigh him down.

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Morrus stared at the floor. Was he feeling guilty for what he did? Shameful, for being so easily exposed? Or was he weak from the sun setting? The truth was far less graceful, being that he really didn’t know how to follow that question up without humbling himself.

“A candle has no intention of giving up its flame,” He finally spoke, looking at the main elder out of the tops of his eyelids, making very little motion to actually move his head upwards again. “You should be well aware of my fate.”

It was not a kind gaze with which he looked. His fate was entirely due to these Jungle Okotans, yet while he had never directly helped them, especially not during his siblings’ conquest of Okoto, sometimes deliberately leaving during the Lord of the Core’s onslaught, he never directly harmed them either. Except for turning one stupid fool into a frog, but that was his fault, anyways.

“Sunlight rekindled this old fire.” Morrus glared at the collected party. “How long has it been?”

The Lord of the Undying Storm begrudgingly moved to pick up one of the burning tree limbs, gingerly attempting to grasp it and dropping it twice. Finally taking hold, he moved to about the middle between the crater and the destination which seemed the most likely as the escape route: the general direction from which Erebos had come.

Finally, he set his burning torch in the limbs of a burnt, dead tree, and moved further into the shadows.

The guards look at each other and sigh,
“Your life to lose.”
They open the door and let Skipper through.

Xol stood up, he was ready to strike and was waiting for the exact moment to do so. Melody watched his back, staying a bit more laid back. Her mind was sifting through all the memories of Geet fighting, and she remembered what he did when he was down. He would use his lower position to his advantage and freed his legs. She placed her left hand down on the ground, supporting herself for her planned attack.

Erebos dove deeper, he needed those answers. He felt comfortable in the darkness and going deeper was not his issue.

The group of soldiers sigh and gather their things. The eldest watched them. He seemed to be the most bitter of them all and a bit impatient. One they gathered their things the group promptly left and began in the direction of Tsim Krad.

Skipper passes them as he nods and says “Thanks I knew I could count on you.” As he points finger guns at them. However once out of the guards sight he coughed and felt exhausted in the mouth after having to watch his tongue for so long.

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IC Kryuna watches the guards walk out of the tavern, and a few second after their non slides out of he seat and, trying her best to look inconspicuous, makes her way toward the door.

He freezes, hand fixed to his blade as he peers through the trees to see if he can clearly identify the source of the light.


One of the guards eye him as he goes in.

@Axels, @jayzor17

The group of guards leave the way they came, heading onto the obsidian plain.

Kryuna tried to trail them while also staying out of sight. Though tracking a large group shouldn’t have been too hard.