Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Sonata makes her way through the Earth Region. She had been making her journey non-stop, hardly stopping along the way to rest, and if she did, it was for a minimum amount of time.

Kryuna was right to assume that tracking them wouldn’t be all that hard. They metal feet would make scratches in the obsidian plain that could also be followed. They make their way to a crevice heading down into it.


Kryuna peered down into the crevice before turning to the others. “We ready?” She asked as she instinctively began cracking her knuckles and stretching her arms. @jayzor17 @Axels

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Blaze kept silent as he stood with Ekimu, dreading whatever the Mask Maker would say in reprimand for his actions. (@jayzor17)

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The scarlet hue grows as he dives deeper into the water, gradually surrounding him. The mental adept might feel a presence looming out at him from somewhere deeper.

Ekimu leads Blaze away from the fire, tracing the edge of the crater towards the coast. “You’ve done quite the reading in your time, Blaze. I’m sure you are familiar with the history of this place?”

“We have lost count of the years since your departure,” one of the Elders says, “and I am sure you have seen firsthand great changes to this island.”

“Regrettably you have returned to find us in an hour of darkness,” another chimes in. “Regrettably… or perhaps fortunately.”

The din of Skull Spiders slowly begins to grow quieter. In a span of seconds the clicks and thuds are gone, leaving the back room in silence. After a few moments, the bartender peaks his head into the back room.

“Might be a trick,” he said, “but they seem to be gone.”

Lync shrugs, bringing her elemental bow into a ready position.

The source of the reflection isn’t quite clear, though he might hear a soft scraping sound momentarily accompanying the creaking. He will likely have to get a closer look to see what lies ahead.


“Yes.” Blaze said quietly, summarizing the Black Crater, Great Cataclysm and the Forbidden Mask Makuta tried to demonstrate there.

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“Fortunately for whom?” Morrus growled. His beady eyes shot from face to face in search of some malicious intent. If they wished to seek revenge upon him, they had no chance at all.

However, to his internal disappointment, no, nobody was seeking any immediate harm upon his person. Wonderful.

“I could care less for this idiotic little civilization.” He snarled, drawing himself upright and almost colliding with the ceiling. “I only returned here because it was once my home, and I figured I would have a little fun. Thank you for ruining that.” His form grew more green as he artificially rose his temper. “I only desire to find the mask that made me… This, and be free from this inescapable curse. And if you expect me to ‘turn over a new leaf’, or do any sort of menial-”

That was about the time that it happened. Within the whole island of Okoto there was a rolling breeze, which didn’t simply move the air. No, it traveled through the trees, through the earth, through the heart and soul of every living creature.

Most wouldn’t even notice it. The beings allied to the elements would feel a sudden surge of energy which quickly disappeared. For Morrus, his branches would grow slightly, at most. But while most with elemental power heard a faint whisper, Morrus heard a booming command which resonated and reverberated within his wooden form.

The elders would notice the change immediately. As scowling indifference fled for the hillside, unfathomable shock and a childlike fear swiftly took its place. The green leaves quickly rushed from red to yellow and finally to brown as his whole form began collapsing in on itself. The dark, cunning eyes looked out from hollow sockets so deep you could fit your hand inside, illuminated with life and colour - a powerful contrast to the dark, beady eyes flashing before.

His whole frame rattled in terror as he looked helplessly at the beings gathered before him, desperately wanting to enter the fetal position. “I-I-I-I can’t… He… M-M-M…”

As the whisper carried to the black crater, it swept the valley with utter silence. The mountains stood resolute to the desperate call, and Ekimu - if he was still tied to light - might feel whatever sort of power he had formerly possessed in full. The Lord of the Undying Storm, however, jolted so violently that the extra boost of energy was drained entirely from his hands, causing snow to violently slam into the sandy ground around him. Looking about in shock, he began half-walking to Ekimu, his muscles urgently attempting to make his legs move faster.

For on the sweeping elemental call was the booming message of the Lord of the Core:

Brother… I am dying.


Erebos dove deeper following the presence he felt looming deep in the water. His was determined to find its source. He must find that mask…He needs it.

Erebos thinks about his past and what it meant for him to meet Makuta again.

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Xol stayed ready in case it was a trick.

Melody kept an eye on the ceiling before placing her ear to the floor.


After gaining the approval of the others, Kryuna delved into the crevice, using her hand to feel along the walls as apposed to using a light, not risking being noticed. @jcton @Axels

Jevis tentatively stepped closer, straining his eyes to see what the cause of the reflection was.


@jayzor17 @Axels

The Crevice showed its first obstacle a crossroads, a path leading further into darkness, and a path lit by dim light of the iridescent crystals, any visible trail seemed to stop here due to the current darkness. The light coming from above gave enough illumination to see two visible paths, one partly in light and one in complete shadows…

The sound of the glass path varied as they traversed downwards.

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Kryuna strained her ears to see if she could pick up any noise that would give away the slightest clue as to which path the guards had taken.

She would hear hollow echoes, some seemed from the right, others from the left, or were they from behind. The echoes almost seemed as if they were passing through a glass wall, as if they were behind something. However it leaned closer to the left.

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Skipper continued down the hallway, looking for a map or someway to navigate the building.

Tarkur hums a tune from an old fire Okotan campfire song as he tendered the fire as he cooked the food.

Era took off on a gucko bird heading for the mask makers city. Hoping to arrive before the date of the scientific meet and greet.

Reige continued searching for the source of negative emotions he been tracking. Meanwhile on another part of the Island Azure waited for the others to continue their journey.

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Streke began to set up a few tents, if that hadn’t already been done.

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As he did so Tarkur continued the cooking, a meal cooked over an open fire was something he been missing since before his adventures with Era. Unlike Tarkur so was Era really not much of a fan of camping, so it had been a lot of sleeping at inn’s for the last three years. He hadn’t minded it though sleeping in a real bed was something he preffered.

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After Streke finished his work, he heaved over two logs for him and Tarkur to sit on, setting them next to the fire.

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“Thanks” Tarkur replied as he sat down on the log. “I think the foods ready in a minute or two.” He comments turning over a piece of meat.

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“Sounds good.” Streke replied.

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Kryuna went with her gut and ventured down the left passage, keeping her ears sharp.

She would hear the sounds of broken glass echo throughout the obsidian walls. The incline steepened as she furthered down the path. Eventually if she kept going she might reach a point of no return, the obsidian glass was not something any normal okotan could easily grip.

Hitora waits around, hoping to get going some time soon.