Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Keya shrugs. “I’m alright with that.”

Hitora hesitates. “I’d rather get there as fast as we can.” He responds.

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Morrus shuffles onto the lift. Most of the people in the line had gone home at this point, losing hope in seeing the elders, but a scarce few remained in the hopes they would get a word in before they called it a night.

It was dark. The sun was practically gone from the sky; only a faint light remained. Morrus hated the dark.

“While I agree with the expedient attitude of Hitora, we cannot afford over exhaustion upon our arrival.” Gladius said, happy to come to a stop if only momentarily. “It seems the rest of our party has tailed behind.” He glanced back to make sure everyone was still there. @KAI_BORG

As the moon nearly reached its peak across Okoto, a figure suddenly sat up. The moonlight refracted through the crystals across his form.

Hungry. There must be food.

He slowly stood and started staggering across the terrain, hoping to reach some sign of civilization or a traveling party. They would lead him to food.

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Hitora was silent, keeping his protest to himself. He knew openly objecting would get him nowhere, even if it was really tempting.


Azure said nothing in response she shrugged the question off and began scouting the general area.

Skipper thought about his options. He figures that following the guards might help him but it was a risk he wasn’t sure he wanted to take. Being disquised as a guard could only get you so far despite the stunning accuracy of said disquise. So he heads off in the opposite direction.

Tarkur smiles as he digs into the food as soon as it’s done he hadn’t really eaten in awhile and was really hungry. In the middle of his eating he realized he totally forgot his manners, in a hurry he wiped his mouth and said, “I’m sorry got a bit carried away, anyway foods ready so knock yourself out.” He smiled and continued eating.


Streke chuckled. “It’s fine.” He began to eat as well, munching on the food.
“This is excellent.” He said.


Next day, Vladin woke up in Icar’s living room, with Blaze’s journals in front of him, having a memory blip.

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Vohman comes to a stop, waiting along with the others.

Kiva activates the lift, bringing the two back to the Elders’ platform. The group looks surprised to see Morrus again, though they quickly try to hide it.

Ekimu follows behind Blaze, struggling to see where Erebos might be in the dark. @Jcton

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He shuffled the leaves around his neck like the feathers of some disgruntled bird. “I won’t attempt to waste more of your time by pretending this was some show.” He said bitterly, the resentment of honesty painted plainly across his face. “My time away has hid me from recent events, but I believe I am correct in assuming Okoto hasn’t become a utopia for peace and happiness.”

“The Lord of the Core is going to die.”

The reaction he received, whether major, minor, or nonexistent, didn’t appear to be what he wanted, for again he scowled and uncomfortably ruffled his leaves. “Now I don’t know how he managed it, but he somehow managed to tell me this while I was here. I’ll cry later. If what he is saying is true, we have a massive problem on our hands, namely that the largest being on the island and undoubtedly the strongest is going to be a nonfactor. And whoever’s hiding in darkness waiting for the time to strike is going to seize the opportunity that the man the size of a mountain is rotting in a field someplace.”

“We need to collaborate with external allies around Okoto and fill the power gap that’s about to be created.” Morrus said. As he continued to speak the hunch in his back slowly began to straighten. “Whether that becomes bestowing untold power on a certain individual or creating some form of armed forces, I don’t know. It isn’t my call to make. But we can’t expect a random band of mercenaries to do the job of defending Okoto.”

He started slightly pacing almost in place. “The wickedness threatening this island has conscripted forces. It always does. But we cannot idly relax in the hopes that some glorious saviors will descend from the skies and rescue us in our darkest hour. And understand that I don’t expect you to trust me, as I still don’t trust anyone else.” He stopped and looked down from the bottom of his eyes, barely taller than any Okotan but still trying to appear that way. “But this region is my home, and I’ll burn all of Okoto if it’s threatened.”

Finishing with a dramatic flair of verbiage with a confident look on his face, Morrus suddenly snapped his neck around and looked at Kiva. His eyes shot to the floor, awkwardly looking back up at Kiva, unsure of why he suddenly looked at him, as he slowly turned around to face the assembled party once more.

“So, uh… The next call is on you.”

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Hitora starts to set up camp. If they were going to be staying here, he might as well help out.


“Well thank you.” Tarkur replied with graditude, “I’m a bit rusty, I must say you should have tasted my food in my prime those were the days.” He said before continuing eating.

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Streke nodded and chuckled, before continuing his meal.


The journals were pretty consistent: Blaze’s records of his secret experiments, the lengths he took to keep them secret and isolated from others, his failures and injuries. Vladin could probably smell breakfast cooking in the other room but the twins weren’t anywhere to be heard, they must’ve had school today.

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Vladin tiredly approached the kitchen, his eyes half closed, still not realising that that was not his house.

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Jevis smirked beneath his mask, and instead of a downward blow met Pheore with a wide horizontal strike. Due to how quick he would of had to ave moved, even if it did connect, it wouldn’t do to much damged, but would hopefully be enough to stop her kick.

Kryuna does not seem to have heard the noise as she follows behind her, making sure their backs were still clear.

As Vladin entered the kitchen, he instinctively jumped on one of the chairs at the table.
Only then he widely opened his tired eyes, scanning the room.
“Ah yes…” he muttered as he realised where he was and what happened in the last few days. “I never have somebody to cook me the breakfast when I wake up…”

“A warm meal helps.” Icar said as he plated the meal: an omelette with bacon and apple slices (or the Okotan equivalent).

“Thanks…” Vladin said tiredly as he started eating.
As he did so, and as the memory blip was slowly dissipating, Vladin remembered about the journals.
“So… The journals…” he said, not being sure if its the right moment to start a conversation on such a subject.

“Yes.” He said sadly, “It seems my son’s heart was certainly in the right place but these journals also show why that sacred law is such; masks like those are dangerous to everyone.”

“What are we going to do now?”

“Not much right now.” Icar said, “He’s probably across the island by now, given how long he has been gone.”