Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

“Can’t volcano’s die out though?”

Dakron shrugged and wrote further.
“Fire is different from lava.”

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Blaze translates for the Storm.

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“Lava is born from fire,” The Lord of the Undying Storm said, glaring at Twenty-Three again. “And lava can ignite anything it touches. I have a theory the sun itself is nothing more than a massive enigmatic disk or sphere of magmatic flames, perched in the sky, perhaps one day planning on dropping. And if you focus a lens on the sun, you can create fire as well.”

All this talk and no action. He glanced back over at Ekimu.
What’s the point of whiling away the minutes talking about how incompetent this Blaze fellow is? We should be moving, somewhere, not prolonging my torture.

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“Lava is molten rock heated by geothermal energy caused by the leftover heat from the creation of the planet though. I think. At least that’s what The Great Deceivers said.”

The Lord of the Undying Storm slowly rotated his head towards Twenty-Three. “If they go under the illustrious title of Deceivers,” He hissed. “Then why are you quoting them?”

He slowly turned his head back towards the fire. Anywhere but here. Please, Ekimu.

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Dakron sat down crosslegged and listened to the conversation.
While maybe not productive, it was at the least humorous to listen to.

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“Hmm, that is a very good question,” pondered Twenty Three, “Could my entire understanding of plate tectonics and thermal energy be the product of a malicious intelligence? I shudder at the thought.”

“It’s something, whatever it is.”

I would not dare use the word Intelligence when communicating to this creature. He scowled, trying to look away and end the conversation. I wouldn’t want to dare imply I consider this creature to actually possess Intelligence.

“Agreed,” replied Twenty Three, before she started twiddling her thumbs.

Halmos dropped the crude brush he had used. Yes, now the disguise was perfect.

He had applied a much thicker paint to the mask and to different parts of his armour, to mask any orange that might be visible. It was dry now. Time for a test.

Taking off his coat, Halmos took to the air once again, this time heading for the landing area of the City of Mask Makers. Even a Gukko at full speed had great difficulty keeping up with a user of the mask of flight.

The Lord of the Core was quiet now. There would be a moment when someone would come, yes… Then he would use his strength. But for now, there was no need to waste all his energy. The world seemed to slip away quicker and quicker.

He had lost all sensation in his right arm. It was possible that it had just gone numb, but he distinctly recalled the feeling of someone biting him not long ago.



The city has mostly wound down for the night as they travel, the firelight from taverns primarily lighting the street. On the skyline Ilza would be able to make out the Temple of Creation and the city’s great arena, their striking silhouettes framed by starlight. Jaspar stares off ahead, consumed by thought. “The Temple and arena are obvious choices, but better viewed during the day… of course there’s all sorts of beautiful architecture, but what in particular… the walls? the bridge? maybe visiting Ekimu’s tomb, though the cemetery kind of wigs me out at night…” he continues muttering, more to himself than to his friend.

Lync strolls right up to the gap, eyeing the distance. She kicks some pebbles over the edge, watching them fall. @Flux @Axels

“Er, well…” The guard gives Vinuum another once-over. “It sounded like he was going to do something pretty dangerous. Wouldn’t want to send you out into that.”

Kiva nods wordlessly, leaving the uneaten fruit in the basket and leading the way back across the city.

“I think that’s enough,” Ekimu growls, shaking his head. To have the vigor for such debates… such things were long past him. “Storm, we will address your brother in a moment. First, however, Blaze, Dax, a word if you would.” He motions for the two to follow him, stepping away from the group. @BlackBeltGamer98 @Flux

Vohman is quiet now, tense. After a few more minutes he motions for the group to come to a stop, turning to face them.

“At this point, we’re basically ‘here’,” he says, his voice low. “These are the ruins where Vizuna was headed the last time anyone saw him… or the general area of it, at least. The ruins cover a lot of ground, so what you’re looking for could be anywhere. Now that we’re here, how to tackle it is up to you.” @Tarkur @KAI_BORG


Blaze gets up, still looking pretty down on himself.

“I, uh, also vote no to late-night cemetery skulking.” Ilza added, “I guess we could just take a stroll and see what happens…?” She offers, shrugging a bit.


Morrus slowly crept behind, staying as close behind Kiva as he could without making it obvious. Everything that might have turned to look at him he shot a suspicious glance at, his confidence slowly building in the sunlight.

The Lord of the Undying Storm sat up at the sound of Ekimu’s frustration. It was slowly dawning on him Ekimu aged at a faster rate than he did; most beings from the time of his established title who were still alive were in the same condition as he was… Although probably not as stubborn.

A quick parade of mixed responses went through his head as the mask maker stood up and left. Ekimu’s finally putting the more important thing first… Although he DID just reveal it to everyone by mentioning it, including that animal… Why doesn’t Ekimu have the brains to-

A quiet rumble escaped out of the Lord of the Undying Storm’s mouth. His eyes were busy casting suspicious glares and trying not to show emotion. Right… He’s dying, remember… So you’ve tested Ekimu with arguing. And now he’s setting Injured Pride and that blind imbecile to watch you, make sure you don’t-

Don’t what? Run off? Or…

His thoughts continued to wander into concern for what might happen when they arrived at the resting place of his ‘brother’. Where was that, anyway…?

Gladius watched Vohman’s eyes before glancing at Hitora. This change of attitude couldn’t have been baseless.

“If there wasn’t danger, you wouldn’t be whispering.” Gladius mumbled quietly. “Hitora, given our current party I think we can’t afford to divide into more than two groups, if at all.”

“Ooh, can I come with you?” Twenty Three asked Emkimu,“Your conversation might be of historical significance, or something!”

“I think I can handle it.” Vinum said to them. “I got here from the Jungle Region all on my own, it can’t be too bad.”

Hitora nods, and clenches his fists. The way he planned to handle it was the only way he knew how: through a little “kinetic exploration.” Then, he turns to Gladius once he hears him speak. “I’d say we split up, but keep close-ish. So we can hear each other if we yell. Probably safest that way.”

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When Azure arrives she nonchalantly says “I’m in need of a good cup of coffee right about now.” Shortly after as of from out of nowhere she collapses in exhaustion.
After a few seconds she was asleep on the ground.

Skipper still in pain tries to remove the mask from his head trying to reach out to the guards empathy.


Era wakes up that following morning getting prepared for the day. If everything went well this mission from the guardians would be over in no time. The thought made her smile.

Earlier that morning Domau had packed up his new inventions that he wanted to unveil at the fair as he was done he left a note with things that Virky needed to take care of while he was away.

He arrived at the city around noon and around the middle of the day he had arranged his tables of inventions and ideas.

That following morning Tarkur woke up and quite quickly started making food for their travelling as well as some for breakfast

Reige continues being irrelevant to the plot.

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“Take who you want, and I’ll take the rest.” Gladius said. “But don’t holler unless you have to. We don’t want-”[quote=“Tarkur, post:3890, topic:47931”]
Shortly after as of from out of nowhere she collapses in exhaustion.
After a few seconds she was asleep on the ground.

Gladius stared with half-closed eyes at the unconscious body of Azure, unsure whether to kick her awake or just leave her prey to any potential skull spiders.

“I’ll take Collected if you handle her.” Gladius offered, still glaring at Azure.

The Lord of the Undying Storm had to bite his tongue - hard - to keep from retorting with “Shut up and leave Ekimu alone” or “Shut up you stupid dog” or other combinations of words proceeding shut up. He could just imagine hie axe cleaving her head in two, sending the frozen remains of her brainless skull flying in every direction.

Ekimu is a party pooper. He propped one leg on the other’s knee to cool it off from the fire’s heat.

Halmos quietly walked out from in between sleeping Gukko in their stalls, down the platform steps, and out into the street. Given that it was nighttime, most people couldn’t get that good of a view of him, but if any of them were to suddenly identify the Mask of Flight he had painted, he could easily zip up into the clouds and disappear from view.

Three years ago, that was. I’ve been hiding for three years… I wonder how that Blaze is doing.

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Azure rolled over as he spoke still sleeping.