Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

The Soil looked somewhat confused, cocking his head to one side before shrugging and grabbing his shovel. “Fine, fine. Do whatever you will. I’ll just grab something for the road.”

He reached down into the hole and there was a sickening splintering sound. When he reemerged, he was carrying something, but his body hid it from view. The distant street lights now refracted off the massive crystals in his back.

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Kiva leads him up to a tavern, somewhere on the eastern side of the city. He pauses by the door, rowdy laughter and the smell of cooked meat floating out from inside.

“You, uh, can wait out here if you’d like. I’ll bring her out in just a minute. Or you can come inside, choice is yours.” He shrugs, then slips through the door.

Lync coughs. “So, uh, can we question each other’s motives on the move? I’d feel much better about this if we weren’t all awkwardly hanging around on their doorstep. E- Hiraeth, can you give me a boost?” @Axels

Rach darts after Hitora, letting out another screech. He’s surprisingly fast for his size, keeping up with Hitora easily and attempting to trample the Okotan beneath his feet.

Pheore, her attention focused on Keya, doesn’t notice him at first. It isn’t until a spider by his foot screeches that she turns, sidestepping him at the last moment.

“Oh. It’s you again. Can you be a nuisance later? We’re busy.” She’s standing right next to him, close enough for a strike.

The spiders hiss and brace themselves, but the two manage to scatter them, leaving the entrance open. Vohman is nearing the door, Keya hopefully right behind him.

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Morrus was initially content with chilling outside the door, but… No. He was the Lord of the Skies. Nobody would make him wait for an errand. And I’d rather see who I’m traveling with.

So saying, he straightened himself and marched towards the door, stopping just as he touched the handle. No, stupid, you’re a walking plant person. Just… Listen for now. Come in if there’s trouble.

He retracted from the door slightly, straining to hear Kiva’s voice.

Gladius spun on his heel, wheeling around to face the way he had come. “Hurry!” He shouted at Vohman, eyeing the darkness to see if Keya was approaching.

…That orange kid. I don’t want to leave him behind, but the party is my priority. He slammed his foot into a Skull Spider even as one dug through the fur in his armor in an attempt to get at his neck.

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Kryuna nods in agreement, but kept an eye on Sonata/

Jevis snarled as he swung up his blade in a swift diagonal motion towards Pheore’s arm. He knew it would in be his best interest to try to get out, but he wouldn’t leave without at least attempting to leave Pheore with something to remember him by.


Azure runs towards the exit, she thinks about stageing a cave in but the swarms of spiders closing in on her make her want to run instead.

Hipa looked even more confused at soils calm reaction, “Well… I’m going now” he says questioning everything that just transpired, it couldn’t possibly be real he thought for himself


Hiraeth nods, walking over to Lync and readies himself to boost her. He finally spoke, asking quizzically, “You got it? Or should one of them go with you?”


There was a disgusting sound, like rocks were being crushed into a paste coupled with a horrible slobbering noise, which suddenly cut off as the Soil looked back at him.

“Oh, uh, have a good day.” He waved a hand at him and then practically leaped the grave in order to stroll towards the more populated portions of town. If Hipa was observing things closely, he might’ve noticed the limp, frail arm which waved goodbye was being held by another hand…


Hitora hands the gauntlet off to Keya, using the other to grab at one of the running legs and pull it as he slid under the beast again, trying to topple him.


The wall would lead to the ceiling of stone.

The water tribe okotan laughs out loud, “Cursed? Are we not all cursed? Cursed to be trapped in the Dark Mist’s clutches?”

“He’s an water okotan and he didn’t send me here. I’m here to rescue him. He’s my husband. He’s here because… of our daughter, she was taken by the Dark Mist… I decided I couldn’t stand idly by while my life falls apart.”

Sonata walks over to Lync and looks up,

Dax grabs his gear and walks off for Ekimu.

Capella would walk nearby surveying the landscape with her rifle.


“Oh, well, I think your husband was the one who sent me here in the first place. He kept on talking about being a ‘slave’ to dark mist. I was a little suspicious, but I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to take this place down.” Kryuna said as she nodded toward the entrance, visibly less tense.