Okotan Jungle Beast

The Okotan Jungle Beast lives in the jungles of Okoto.

It avoids predators by blending in to the jungle floor and leaves. Even though it eats mostly plants and insects, including Skull Spiders, most villagers who aren’t Protectors fear it.

It uses its green spikes for protection and the grey spike on its back to sense what it can’t see around it. It also really hates Shadow Traps.

And here’s a picture of it next to Lewa, Uniter of Jungle for a size reference


Nice! I really like it, and I get the feeling that this is the new Muaka… especially liking the use of the Ehlek spines and Grievous armour.

Very reminiscent of Spinax


I reminds me of some sort of lion creature.

I like the addition of the Ehlek/Spinax spikes, they really fit the jungle motif.

I quite like this.

Amazing build. I really want to try building it myself. It really looks like something in the bionicle universe. Great job!!

The color scheme and build of this moc are great. This looks like it could be a real creature on okoto.

Looks cool, almost wolf-like.

Very cool, the incorporation of tan actually works very well

Would be better with wings.

Huh. A very simple MOC, but it… works in pretty much every way. There’s just nothing wrong with it. A great MOC for its simplicity overall!

Groovy m8

Hmm this is really groovy man. I love the use of the those spine pieces on it’s back.

Are those tan pieces though, on the lower legs?

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Looks really nice!