Okoto Document: A Fun Spin on a true Story

November '14

The Boards were booming like never before. Bionicle was returning. Meso and Var were busy trying to keep the crowds from destroying the Boards with overhype. Suddenly, the lights went out. In the silence, a spotlight shone on a mysterious figure. He walked up to Mesonak with the spotlight following him. “My name,” he said, “is Highly Suspect. I have some fuel for the fire.” The lights came back on as he put a folder on a desk. Written on it was:


Mesonak looked at it with a confused look. He then began to read it to the crowd. “On the ancient island of Okoto, two brothers- Ekimu and Makuta- crafted masks of power.” Mesonak smiled at Suspect. Varderan took the folder and flipped forward a few pages then read. “Six heroes, the Toa, would arrive on a quest for golden masks.” The crowd went wild. Many comments and speculation ignited. Suddenly, someone began banging at the Boards Gate. Suspect looked in horror. “They found me.” Mesonak glanced at him. “Who did?” “LEGO. I’m an agent for them. They tracked me down. They’ll imprison me and come after you.” He ran up to the gate and blocked it. “I can hold them back for a little while, but you’ll have to go. I’m sorry.” Mesonak put his hand on his shoulder. “Don’t be sorry. You brought great joy and hype to our fanbase. Thank you.” The crowd and cast members spread out of the LEGO topic and escaped to the Site topic, safe from LEGO.

The crowd shared a moment of silence. Mesonak slowly walked up to the Hype Train. He reached into the furnace and placed the Okoto Document in it. The Hype Train began it’s next journey. Members began jumping on. Mesonak smiled. “Next stop, NYCC!”

Highly Suspect held back the gate. “Fine,” he muttered, “fire me. You cannot stop the hype.” The banging on the gate became louder and louder. “Silence like a cancer grows…”