Okoto Jungle Bird

I finally was able to make a creature with my G2 parts. The Okoto Jungle Bird ladies and gentlemen:

So let’s talk about the build for a couple of seconds. Yes, my inspiration here was Ikir, Creature of Fire. For the most part, I am happy about how this came out…except for the head. I had some trouble with this aspect. It does look a like a birds head, beak and all. But I don’t know how to fix the gap. Any tips and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Info on the bird? Ummm… Let’s see: It eats nuts, it’s strong enough to carry a villager, it wings can be used in self defense, and it resides within the jungles of Okoto. And this one will appear in the stories I am writing, so it will be getting a name when I get to it.

Tell me what you guys think, as per usual.


Looks pretty good, very bird like. If you want to change the beak, I could offer this solution:

You could probably switch out the mixel eyes for the bohrok eyes though. The eyes are connected by a three length axle.


I like the use of those axe blades for the wings, like they’re used more as decorative show-offy feathers as opposed to flying like birds of paradise. Could use some head feathers to further demonstrate that if that was the look you were going for

@The_Wanderer that looks like a giant version of the official facebook one


looking quite good. At first I thought the wings were backwards but it looks fine wither way.

Looks pretty good. I find that the head has a very parrot esq look for some reason.

I really like it

really looks like it’d be found in the jungle region

Interesting moc. Very interesting moc indeed.
Dang it now really want to make a moc but I have no extra money to buy parts with, well at least I have enough money to live off of.

This is very cool!

haha I love it