Okoto Kurahk

My thoughts on how one of the Rahkshi can turn out in Okoto

My attempt at a Gear Function

Hope you like it. Comment if you have any ways to make it better : )


I appreciate the unique upper-built, but it’s very cluster and need better coverage.


So just cover the gap where the spines are?

More that that; the crotch gear is exposed, the head could be better, and the arm are pretty bare.

well, i cant really change the head because i don’t have the right parts, but i can possibly fix the other issues. thanks for telling me

The Picture are really blurry, and the arms aren’t what I’d expect out of a G2 set, if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Needs a lot of work, but the gear function is cool. I think better pictures might help, but it feels a bit too G1 for Okoto. Also, those arms simply have too many joints. Keep trying!

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The photos are to blurry

this dose not look like a g2 set at all

it has a ton of gaps and no ccbs also you didn’t use the rahkshi head

i think you need to go back to the drawing board with this one or at least plan it out better

@Omega_Tahu I was modifying the set and the arms look a bit better wit a bit of ccbs

@Whaddon yea. i kinda misplaced my tripod. sorry XD

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interesting build but why not use a normal Rahkshi head ? i think that might look better

the fricton gear-function is nice, but messy. the arms need work as well, as ppl have pointed out

It looks alright, but it could have better coverage and it could use some more CCBS in the overall build.

It’s quite different to the one I created. I feel like a little more CCBS would be used, and I do think you should have used a normal Rahkshi head, but I do kinda like this.

@Atomik i dont have a white rahkshi head XP
@Oniwah I did fix the arms. just havent updated it yet