Okoto Mafia: Annihilation (Sign-up)


After the unsuccessful Cultist expedition in Okoto Mafia Violet, civil war has broken out among Makuta's followers. The Red Faction, led by the creature known as Skull Grinder, fights against the Blue Faction, which represents Makuta and is telepathically led by the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders. A small group of Protectors and Villagers is taking advantage of the chaos to attempt to wipe out the Skull Army.


All players have a mix of innocent villager and Mafioso gameplay from previous titles. Information about other players, distributed to certain players during the game, is key to pass along to teammates in secret in order to develop a strategy for victory without your opponents catching wind. Factions will alternate between attacking and defensive roles, Protectors will be given certain opportunities to attack as well. The emphasis is less on successful crime scene investigation and more on deception, espionage and... annihilation. (ba-dum-tss)


Skull Slaves: Can vote to execute certain members of the Skull Army.
Illusionist/Skull Basher: Primary mafioso, who is given information about two other players before making its kill.
Skull Assassins: Secondary mafiosos that become active if the Illusionist or Skull Basher is killed.
Skull Sniper/Skull Warrior: Defender/cop role that can learn the identity of a Mafioso if his/her defense is successful.
Spy/Skull Slicer: Protector/detective role that can learn the alignments and/or roles of other players.
Protectors: Small, tight-knit faction with multiple minor abilities.
Secret roles: Depending on the amount of players, secret roles may be added.

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