Okoto Mafia Violet

A cold breeze blew over the obsidian plains.

The Skull Shaman watched as old, dry leaves were carried on the wind past the entrance of his tent. It was a signal. Everything was a sign, a symbol of Makuta's power.

Turning, the Shaman went back inside, to where the Skull Warrior was sitting.

"How far away are we?" asked the Warrior.
"It is difficult to tell," the Shaman responded. "Perhaps only a few days, perhaps more..."

Before the conversation could continue, a shout rang out over the encampment. The Warrior rose swiftly, exiting the tent at a run. The Shaman hobbled after.

Upon reaching the source of the noise, they found a cluster of their loyal allies - the Skull Cultists - standing in a circle around the dead body of one of their own.

"A tragedy," whispered the Shaman, "a tragedy. Who could have done this? And why?"

The Skull Warrior leaned down and pulled a piece of paper from the still hand of the former Cultist. He began to read:

Gather your brethren from the regions of Fire, Stone, and Jungle. I fear we are under threat of Makuta's return. We must awaken Ekimu first; infiltrate and end the threat of the Skull Cultists. I trust in your abilities.
- Protector of Water

"Hm." The Shaman had wandered away from the group and was now observing clues in the surrounding area. Everyone turned to look when he began to speak. "Judging by the tracks amongst these rocks... I would guess that our fallen friend had found this," he gestured towards the note, "and was coming to inform us, when the one who had lost it sought vengeance."

A murmur ran through the crowd. "If the letter is true," said one cultist, "does that mean..."

"Yes," said the Shaman. "There are... Protectors... hiding in our midst this very moment. They seek to stop our noble goal of restoring Makuta."

The Warrior stepped forward, scowling.

"We cannot let them complete their mission... or escape with their lives."


Welcome to Bionicle Mafia Violet. You are either part of a cult intent on awakening Makuta, or a Protector come to foil those plans.

Hidden among the camp of cultists are four spies, Protectors intent on saving Ekimu and keeping Makuta unconscious. Their mission is to end the threat of the Skull Cult. The Protectors are armed with fearsome weapons, usually used in self-defense, but now repurposed to destroy those who would see Makuta arise anew. Each night, they can attack and kill one of the Cultists in the camp.

But it is in the interest of both sides to eliminate the other quickly… should either sides' allies on the other side of the island be eliminated, disaster will assuredly follow…



As mentioned before, this game has various roles, which will be distributed through PM. Here's a list of all the roles in this game, as well as how many of them there are.


Protectors (4): The Protectors from the villages of Fire, Stone, Jungle, and Ice have journeyed far and infiltrated the cult of Makuta. It is their task to stop Makuta from being awakened, through any means necessary. Each night, they collectively kill one player.


Skull Cultists (10): These villagers follow the cult of Makuta. They believe that Ekimu is the true evil one, and that their destiny lies with his fallen brother. They seek to revive their master. (The skull motif is metaphorical.)

Skull Warrior (1): This cultist is skilled in the art of interrogation, and can learn one player's role each night.

Skull Shaman (1): This cultist's reflexes have been trained to their fullest extent. Each night, he can choose someone else to guard. If the Protectors attack the player being guarded that night, they will not die.

Secret Role (1): ???


1) All general TTV Boards rules apply.
2) Don't betray your side, please. We had a ton of problems with this elsewhere, and games legitimately were ruined because people betrayed their team out of spite. Do not do it.
3) When you cast a vote for someone, if you decide you'd rather vote for someone else, you can change your vote. For each voting period, you are allowed to change your vote only twice. All voting must be done by posting in topic, and making it very clear who you are voting for. If you do change your vote, please make it obvious who you are changing it TO and FROM. It will not count if you do not list both of these things.


This game is interrelated with Okoto Mafia Cyan. Whatever side you are on here (Village or Mafia), you will have allies in Cyan, and vice versa. Your allies will be the opposite side of your side in this game (if you are the Protectors here, your allies will be the Villagers in Cyan). This is important because both games are affected by the events in the other, or, more appropriately, how quickly the games end. Whichever side claims victory first, in either game, will claim victory in both. So, for instance, if, the Skull Cultists eliminate the Protectors in Violet before the outcome of this game is decided, the Skull Spies will claim victory in Cyan as well. Because of this, it is in both sides' interest to play both aggressively and wisely. Be aware of how the other game is progressing as well, as your tactics may need to change depending on how close your side is to winning or losing in the other game.


1) Political Slime Innocent Skull Cultist, killed night three
2) Marendex Innocent Skull Cultist, executed day two
3) NorthernPhantom Innocent Skull Cultist, killed night four
4) Risebell ???, killed night one
5) Hawkflight
6) UmbraManis
7) Luroka
8) Mesonak Innocent Skull Cultist, killed night two
9) noob1234
10) BioRaiders Protector of Stone, executed night four
11) Millsy
12) Leoxandar Innocent Skull Cultist, executed day one
13) Maethorneth
14) Pot8o
15) Shadezy
16) Jowm
17) HewkiiDaKohliihead Innocent Skull Cultist, executed day three


so the majority of us will technically be evil

i am ok with this


Dont worry bae

we will rek the scrublord spys

Or we will fail miserably

Prolly the latter


lets think positive

we will win!

this attitude will be the death of us


Woot! Alright!

Let's get this party started.

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Lets party!

This should be good >:D

Quick question

Will night in game happen every day or just randomly or....how does it work =P


but potao

what if YOU are the scrublord sphee? :open_mouth:


= 20 hours from now

Roles have until midnight EST to send me their choices.



thing is

What if you are?

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"He could be in this very room! He could be you! He could be me! He could even-"
(Spoiler'd for blood)



So... you're saying it's the wimpy guy who's mother had "relations" with the mafia members!!!


Wait wait... if the protectors collectively kill someone, how will voting/suspect lists work?

(And gore)

The time has come! Let's do this :smiley:

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The Protectors are the Mafia. The skull guys vote on who to kill.

the tides have changed.

the bad guys determine your fate!

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Makes me wonder what it's like to have a face for a skull.
Or how I'll wear aviators without ears stuck_out_tongue


um guys

i'm a slime

i dont have a skull

...this could be an issue


Aha! You've been found out!


get redy laydeez

im guna noskop3 yo skrubz in2 shreks punnishment barel

my MLG swag wil protekt meh frum yor nuubeness & yor taktikal nooke

In conclusion,



That was unexpected :stuck_out_tongue: