Okuna and the Chicken

So first off Okuna, my matoran self moc has all the right colors, as well as longer legs and mini kickers! Secondly her found this chicken thing and tamed it, so now he rides it everywhere, and here they are!

Now you can see all the places where they have been such as my couch, the railing, and other places!

Okuna: "Hey buddy, how did we get in a tree?"
Chicken: "Bockaa"
Okuna: "Well how do we get down?"


There interesting and quirky

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Thanks, Okuna is my first matoran build, and what I use for the others I build. The chicken I just threw together and it worked out, I have been meaning to build something with those claws as feet, and this is the first time it looked good.

The chicken looks odd but the function with Okuna is cool

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Yeah, it is what gives him the charm.

Fear the mighty chicken! :stuck_out_tongue:

The chicken is kinda meh; it's way too skinny and the head needs work. Okuna looks good though, and the riding function more than makes up for any deficiencies on the chicken's part.

Thanks, I think i may work on the chicken some..

I really like the chicken design, and Okuna's shield is pretty cool.

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Thanks, it is really simple to make

I feel like they would have a TV show. Good job on these!

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Thanks, they should have a TV show...

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