(Old) Isorakia The Mask Drainer

This is a really old MOC from summer of 2016. It’s pretty bad but I thought I’d post it anyway until I make some more stuff

He’s okay I guess?


Yeah, he looks okay. Maybe you could make an updated version with clearer pictures and maybe some lore?


Yeah I might do that later on, this guy dosnt satisfy me as much as my newer MOCs. That’ll definitely be one of my future projects.

Really old? From summer 2016?
I was born in 1999, what am I, a mummy?

Man what a bad joke

Anyways, the worst thing about the moc is the shoulders, why are they so far from the body? It just looks weird

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Yeah I’m young, about 6 months is old to me.
Also he’s meant to be a mutated scientist from a failed lab experiment (totally original idea)