Old Timey Gali

Weapon on back



Nice thing. Maybe a Gahlok shell would fit better…?

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Darn. That looks great, especially the thighs! By the way, where’d you get those crossbows?

it looks good, though the thighs look a little empty. And the crossbow pieces seem a little out of place, especially on the arms.

They’re from some old Knights Kingdom II sets.

Nicely done! I really love your use of the blue Carapar shells (may I assume they’re bootleg?) And I love how you’ve incorporated more trans blue into the build.

Did you ever try making her color scheme just regular (Mata) blue and trans blue? I feel like she might be a bit cohesive without the light blue.

Also, while I love how you were able to incorporate the blue crossbows, they don’t really mesh with the rounded aesthetic of the mask, thighs and CCBS shells used throughout.


Actually, I believe they came in the final wave of Power Miners.


Dang, you’re right. I knew I had seen them somewhere…


Thanks! I’m not sure what sets the come in, but I found them on bricklink for a few cents.

@Toa_Radrix do you mean Gahlok’s weapon for the chest? I’ve used that in the past a few times when I’ve made Gali. So I wanted to switch it up this time and include more of that sweet, medium blue.

@legomaster1378 thank you! those blue carapar pieces aren’t bootleg. I don’t know what set they came in, but Lego makes them in both blue and gold.. In the past when I’ve made Gali, I always skipped the medium blue. But since the original Mata had so much of it, I wanted to include it here as well.


That’s awesome! Medium blue may just be my least favorite color the Mata had, but I do want to know where that Nuhvok shield came from.

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This is a really well done recreation!
It captures Gali’s look very well.

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This is just like Gahli! Excellent recreation :+1:

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Thanks man. It looks like that piece was used as shoulder armor in this Super Battle Droid set.

@meepinater & @RubiCon-001 thank you guys as well.


If that’s your point it’s okay. If you could use some light blue (medium blue as you say) for the bones that would be nice

Lego officially calls that medium blue for some reason, so that’s why I’m calling it that. But sadly they don’t make bones in that color. Thanks for the feedback though.

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This looks great! My only major gripe is that I think the Galak shield would look a lot better on the front.

Thanks man. I’ve used that Galak shield a few other times on Gali MOCs that I wanted to switch it up this time. Here’s how some of those others looked:

Silver version


I think the torso is a tad too bulky. This makes her look a bit akward.

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I forgot to mention that, in my opinion, she needs her second hook.


Very nice. I like how the Nuhvok shield compliments the shapes at the base of her mask.

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I really like the style of these “old timey” mata

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