Older MOC of mine, Raustis

[Hi, I'm Philbert, and I'm a former MOCer coming out of my little hole in the ground to say howdy. I've been a regular to TTV for a while, and always enjoyed exploring anonymously though I never really had anything I felt was good enough to show before now. Though just recently I looked in my container of Bionicle parts and both whole/fragmented MOCs when I decided "You know what, I'll never get back into it and learn how to make better MOCs if I don't do something", so that's my story. Anyway, if I tell some huge story not MOC related then I'll get in trouble on my first day here, so I'll try to remain on topic with my MOCs and won't type unrelated things again, this was just something I wanted to type since this is my first post I suppose.]

The MOC in question Below is known as Raustis, which mean's do dig, or mine.

This was my first MOC with hip articulation, jumping away from the inika build, as well as the only one at the time with an actual purpose. Raustis is essentially a miner carrying a custom made sickle/scythe shaped tool holding three different tools within it; a circular high speed saw on the front, a drill on the back side, and a large sword with the mechanism of a jackhammer built into the bottom. His primary job is to mine for precious ores and minerals to use for non specific purposes around the island he inhabits, earning him the nickname "Gold Digger" by some companions of his.
While being fairly strong with a tool that can make quick work of any boulder or substance of the planet in front of him, he is not the type to fight without very good reason, and more so the type to find a way to help others through a route to safety, even if he has to make one himself.

It's not the most developed character, nor is his buildreally impressive by today's standards, it was just an idea I had at the time. I initially built him around the Phantoka era, though over time I added some parts from other little sets I occasionally bought such as Tahu star's mask, and I'm definitely considering doing some work on him to refine his design a bit more if I can, starting with replacing the Inika shins with custom legs to accommodate the armor better along with making changes to those unpleasant arms. I mostly wanted to see what others thought of this, and advice people have and such, so here he is.


I very much like it, though I can't help but feel that he would benefit from some ccbs parts.

I'm considering on using a few, I have about three or four armor pieces in gold from brain attack Rocka, and a sheild I might find a use for one day. He's definitely my most lacking of the few I have left, so I'm definitely going to work on him at some point and see what I can do. He was good at the time though for being my first waist articulated MOC, but he's definitely lacking now.

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The head on this MOC is really small and the lower legs are completely out of proportion
other than these over all the MOC is nice.

I can see what you mean, although I was intentionally going for this sort of heavily armored lower leg section intentionally I can see how it would be a bit unappealing. And I completely agree with the head, though that is the only gold mask I had other than Brutaka's, which was too big and is the back armor, and since I wanted a gold mask on him I dealt with it since the mask prior was Onua Nuva's mask. I'm definitely going to acquire more parts and work on him a bit and hopefully turn him into something a bit more filled out.
I'm very VERY out of the loop with MOCing at the moment on account of I haven't really built anything new since 2008, with the exception of right now. Hopefully what I'm working on now will be some form of improvement from him. I can't say the joints will be very seamless though, sad to say. That's just a weak point of mine.

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It reminds me of Archadeus

cool design and I think the name Raustis will suit it best

I was considering that as well, and it does feel the most fitting with his look, especially with the meaning to dig or mine. I'll go with Raustis. (I mixed up the meanings between the names by accident, I thought Raustis was gold, but that's actually Pinigai, so that was a blunder. I would have chosen Raustis immediately if I didn't make that mistake.)

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It's very nicely done, the legs are really cool.

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solid moc