Oldest MOCs

Inspired by the Oddest MOCs topic.

Here share some of your oldest MOCs that you can still find on your computer or wherever. Here are some of mine:

Back in 2011, I wanted to experiment with HF parts. This thing, the Dragonflyer, was my first attempt.

Also from 2011, this monstrous looking Ice Skakdi thing. I forget what it was. I dunno.

Speaking of Skakdi, I made this thing. Although, this is in 2010. I have older stuff, but none of it's on this computer. I'll see if I can't find a way to get them, though.


the second one is omega mesonak thats what it is

I have pics of my ol mocs and they suck...they really really suck and I am probably never going to post it here


Aight. I found the treasure trove of my oldest, crappiest stuff from 2009.

This is the oldest version of Jalis I can find, from 2009.

As time went on, a month to be exact, I upgraded him. I think this form looks...okay.

In that same vein..

The first ever version of Razira. He really was just Antroz with a different mask and some extra "armor" bits.

Now for some cool stuff.

This is a red spider rahi I made. It kinda sucks, but it has 8 legs, and that was the goal.

Here, I tried to make a seel sort of thing. It went okay.

Here I tried using an Av-Matoran/Agori body with some other odder pieces to make a face. I think it worked.

This grey is...weird. The two exposed Ball joints are eyes.

This turtle design actually belongs to a guy named Spinax Studios. I made it, and used it for a thing.

This wolf thing also belongs to him. His was black and blue, but I'm fine with this.

However, theses six multicolored Rahi do serve a purpose.

GATTAI! Yeah, I made a combining humanoid out of 6 animals, like a Megazord, or a Sentai Mech for you Sentai Purists out there.

And yes, I did use the Turtle. He forms a backpack shell thing.

So feel free to tear these a part.

I know I did a few years ago for the sake of pieces. 8D


xD I wish I could like that 10 times

Here's the oldest one I could find, he's from 2009, and for a while I considered him my self-MOC, but no longer. I might take him apart soon, for the lovely, lovely pieces he has in places.


Dat Knights' Kingdom Axe.

I kno rite?


But yeah, honestly, it's fairly cool for an Inika build, and I look forward to getting to see more new MOCs from you, and I'm also glad that someone else actually posted their MOC.

Thanks! I'll probably end up making posts for several newer ones soon, so stay tuned!

I may have had better pictures of these once, but I can't find them:

A motorbike for Photok

And whatever the heck I did to poor Toa Ignika:

These pictures were taken on Christmas of 2008. These two have been broken since then.....

I remember this fondly. His name was Shaycon, and I made him in the last months of 2010 (I had been MOCing at least a year before then, but I never took pictures.) He was my first primarily black MOC, notable because I never got a set that had more black parts than Glatorian Mata Nui. I've recently reimagined his character and he gets a cameo in my upcoming story.

I've got more images of the same batch of Inikabuilds as he was in. I might add them later.


I love his doofy cylindrical boots.

It's stuff like that that makes old MOCs so fun to think back on.



I legit have a MOC ASSEMBLED that I built in 2008.

I'll have to post pics.


The second one is definitely mesonak

These were all from sometime in early 2011
Kalmah pre-mutation version, (yet for some reason he still had the tentacle and squid launcher) attacking poor Jaller.

Rahkshi of Confusion, movie-styled.

Spectacularly terrible tablescrap Toa of Sonics.

Giant unfinished bohrok head.

And finally, Vahki revamp.


Here's some more from me.

A bad remake of Malum. Not that shabby.

"Vexicon, The Wind Monk". This one is terrible.

"Grenel". My attempt at a peg leg.


My oldest MoC...
Would have to be Tahu Mata's head attached to his leg and called a MoC.


And those are older?!?!?!?! I cant even build that now! I tried, but I failed miserably!

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Behold! My oldest recorded MOCs...


That Matau guy's looking pretty cool.

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