Omega Ekimu... I guess

I was bored.


Wow this is really goo-

You suck Matt

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Yknow Matt, your amazing drawing is making me think (thats new for me) I wonder if Ekimu's hammer is gonna be the protector launcher?


The way his hammer looks...

gives me the impression that it's also a gatling gun.

But yeah, fantastic work, man.


I like it, I like it very much so.

Impressive design, you should do the two Makuta variations also :3

This dude has gotta be part of Lego RWBY as Nora, or a titan set.

This is awesome! Oh and also @Indigogeek1 I'm pretty sure it is cos from the animation, Ekimu looks to be the size and stature of a protector...

This is pretty awesome. And I agree with @Scarilian, it would be awesome to see Makuta.

matt this is the most awesome, amazing, stupendous, spectacular piece of garbage ever! smiley

u sux drwing is 4 n00bs huehuehue.