Omega_Tahu’s Sketches

So my sister let me borrow her drawing guide book. So I did some sketches, ranging from passable to pretty ok.

First one I drew:

Technically not my second, as I did one during school in the corner of my assignment. This as the second that I put serious effort into. It’s an Archer, at the suggestion of a friend:

Third. Not too much effort put in. Some sorta space mecha pilot person:


The first one was the best one, i dont care for the second one and the third one is good except the feet. Other than that, noice

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I agree with @BrokenAxels , the first one it the best. But, they do need some work all around. I’d say the thing that probably needs the most work is the faces

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Probably the best so far imo.


The pose seems kind of awkward and forced…

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Poses are hard, and it doesn’t help that I originally had a different pose in mind when I started but later realized I didn’t have the skill to pull it off

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Yeah, I feel the same way.

good try, though. Just keep working at it!

Ended up drawing this last. Turned out pretty nice imo

please don’t upload sideways please don’t upload sideways please don’t upload sideways


You Will (Not) Upload Sideways.

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