Omega Venom Biter

This is the omega Venom Biter. A few days ago, I read <a> this topic, and saw the Venom biter. I thought that it was so cute, it deserved an upgrade. So here is that upgrade.

It originally had a function where its claws could close and open. Since I didn’t know how to interpret that (does the rubber band keep the claws open, then you close them, or does the rubber band keep the claws closed, and you can open them). So I decided to have it so that you could switch the function. If the rubber band is on the bottom, then the claws will stay closed. But if you put the rubber band on the top, the claws will stay open.

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/6/8/680c8d62ad255017bbda665215197d96d69e1235.jpg" width=“666”

To activate the function, you either push or pull the liftarm (depending on whether the rubber band is pushing it or pulling it). and the claws will close or open. there is a handle under the biter to pinch in order to pull or push the liftarm. Credit for the idea of a venom biter goes to @Neowulf but I take full credit for the MOC itself.


Simple but reminds me of the original Rahi.


Agreed, it kinda looks like a Fikou Nui

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Hi! Sorry for taking so long!
This looks great! It really could’ve passed for a rahi of old, and that option to flip the functions is really clever.
Original Creator approved!

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Thanks! I was really nervous about whether you would like it or not.

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