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Yep, Zaktan’s motives certainly are a mystery nowadays :stuck_out_tongue:


Excuse me, it’s pronounced Preditor

Also Zaktan has taken camo to the next level by entirely gutting his skull from inside his head - no giant white teeth to give your position away


Hmmm… something seems wrong here…

Boy, Umbra really let himself go (or at least got himself mutated)…


Anyone want a sealed CD-Rom Kopaka with a Sky Blue Kaukau misprint on top?


What they want for it?

Just £10.

12$? Not bad.

And this was why I decided against biding on it. Just wait for the last hour and it’ll probably double.


here we have the alternate version of furno from the furno bike set, for only 6 dollars.
seems reasonable right?

oh wait, the shipping is basically a hundred dollars and the item isn’t even outside of my country.


why though

If you want, I could sell you my Furno for $6 plus $80 shipping :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dunno, $100 for shipping sounds like a good deal
I mean, it’s Furno.
It should be $200


For that shipping cost I’d better get it in 10 minutes or less. I don’t care if you have to dunk yourself in nuclear waste to gain teleportation powers or invent time travel but I expect it in my hands now.


Just found this.

Kohrak-Kal must take matters into his own hands.


Brick Set lists the price of a Vahki as $9 USD, this is all 6 for $40 + $9 shipping. Doing the math, 6 Vahki in 2004 was $54 +Tax, this listing is 6 for $49 +tax, a total savings of about $5. This, quite frankly, is a offer i could not refuse; Yes I have bought this listing.


Another listing from the same seller reveals some more great backstory about Kohrak-Kal and his squid launcher.

As we can see, after Kohrak-Kal stole his squid launcher, Mantax had to resort to murdering a Metrutoran and attaching his weapon to his mangled arm.

This act of murder caused Axonn to disintegrate, but not before he could use his Rode like a Krana to take control of Onewa and a random Kurahk.

To fight back against the forces of Axonn, Kopaka traded his clumsy spear for an obviously superior Nestlē Knights Kingdom club to relentlessly whack the Axonnians with.

Meanwhile, all the fighting caused Garan to randomly turn into a Kra-Matoran, giving him weapons that he promptly used to chop both of Hahli’s hands. The incident left Hahli with prosthetic Kohlii sticks as a replacement.

And all that because Kohrak-Kal stole a squid launcher.

Naughty Kohrak-Kal.


I was searching eBay again, and I found a few… interesting listings.


First up, we have “Lego Bionicle and hero factory red blue custom robot figure parts pieces”. For $9.98 + $3.50 shipping, you can give this… boldly-colored, arm-headed robot a new home.


Next, we have these three incredible Bionicle Figures. Let’s look into what’s included, shall we?

First, we have a jazz-hands Onua who lost his Pakari, so he replaced it with a shoulder.

We also have Lewa, who traded in his axe, as well as that weird ball piece on his chest, for a shredder claw.

And, last but certainly not least, we have the extremely rare and highly coveted Maxilos Mistika.

And the best part of all, you could own all three of these figures for the low price of $24.00 + $8.85 shipping.


Finally, we have an All Black Kopaka. I’m pretty sure this guy has been re-listing this Kopaka since Bionicle first began. For $23.65, you could own this shadowy figure, and finally remove him from eBay, so we don’t need to keep seeing him in this thread (since I’m pretty sure he’s appeared on this thread before).

Well, that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll be back soon with more new and interesting listings…


But a closer look into this sellers other listings reveals some more interesting lore.

As we can see, Maxilos Mistika was really Onua in disguise! Who would’ve known? The illegal arms dealer Bitil traded Onua’s Pakari Nuva for the Zamor launcher we see attached to Onua’s arm in the other listing, as well as supplying Pohatu with an arm-mounted gattling gun. But before they could do any damage, both Bitil and Pohatu were brutally murdered by Hahli! And here we even see a crossover! Hahli impaled them to death with none other than Kopaka Nuva’s spear, the one he traded for the Nestlē club! Clearly, he had to do business with another household to acquire the weapon.


Yep, I was back on eBay, and I found this interesting listing:


The link for this listing is the longest one I’ve ever seen…

Here, we have what looks like a Kaita-gone-bad. You see, Tanma, Tahu Nuva, and… someone else fused into the monstrosity called “Tanmahu”. For $15.00 + $5.00 shipping, you could own this… whatever you want to call this thing.

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What an unholy abomination…