Onadus, Exile Reborn

Onadus - Exile Reborn
Air-preferring Toa of Plasma, and one of the many links in Jethryn’s network of contacts. Still bears a grudge against those who drove him out of the Toa order, but generally gets along with fellow outcasts that he works with.

Onadus - Exile Reborn

Wanted to try my hand at a different style of building after burning out on Jethryn. With no real plans besides to use pieces from the Poe and K-2SO ultrabuilds (which I still had yet to use), the almost purely CCBS-based torso design directed his space trooper aesthetic. The addition of the Kakama Phantoka and the X-Pod shield linked him to an old G1 character.


Very nice!

My only gripe is that the back construction is a little janky. Could use a bigger jetpack. Otherwise, nice work. I love the sword.

Good on you for making use of the Kakama, an X-Pods lid, Cragger minifig blade and the Surge energy beams. It’s not too often that I see those parts.

I’m digging the leg lower leg design. However… something about the MOC feels… off to me. Maybe it’s the color balance, or the single printed CCBS shell, or the posing/slightly-out-of-focus photos that make the entire thing look a bit flat. Any chance we could get pics from a more dynamic angle?

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I like the color distribution for the most part. 7/10

The torso and the armor is nice and i like the lower legs!

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