One More Day for the Shark Week Challenge!

Alrighty guys, for those who have been following the MOC Spotlight, you have already been made aware of the shark week challenge I proposed in some time ago.
I just wanted to post this quick reminder that it has almost been a whole week since I proposed the challenge to all viewers, and so..

Time's almost up! Today is your last day to post your creations to this category!
The deadline is tomorrow, July 22nd at 12 AM PST.

So technically tonight.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed to the challenge already! I've seen several creations posted to the category, and I would like to ask you guys to post a link to your creation's topic over here in this topic. Should I have done that sooner? Probably. Yeah. But that's why I won't alienate participants who don't do it. =P

Keep building!


If I where to make a Transforming System shark.
Would it count?

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Because my brother, Toa_Kyerak, probably isn't aware of this post, i'll just set his entry here for him:

@ToaKylerak's Great White:

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I rewatced the episode of MOC spotlight cause I only skimmed over it the first time.
Never mind stuck_out_tongue

The shark I made is not based off an actual shark.
I call it the Mega Shark



it has midak sky blasters on its fins, and a pretty complex build.
that's only 2 of the many things it has.

Those are some nice computer directories.


Y'know, the funny thing is, I had a shark MOC built a day or tew before Shark Week started, and then I scrapped it to make a bigger one and never got around to it. Now the pieces I need for it are being used elsewhere.

can someone tell me how to get pictures of my moc uploaded?

When you're writing a post click on that little icon on the top of the bubble that looks like a pic of a mountain and the sun then click "Upload picture" and find your pic and upload it.

do you think I haven't tried that already

Well, if it's not working, then it's not working. Perhaps provide a link from an image-sharing website so we can see them on that site?

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for example:
because chronicler is a big poopy head who can't link


good idea

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ok I tried it is uploading right now

toaofzombieboy shark moc contest thing

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Here's my shaawrk

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I didn't feel like posting everytihng in one or several comments here so I created a blogspot page specifically for this moc:

Thanks for the heads up stuck_out_tongue

Here's my entry moc:

Alright guys, obviously, time is up! The winner of the challenge will be featured in next week's spotlight (for early access viewers).
For those who do not have early access, the spotlight will be up in two weeks.

Thanks again for your participation!