One of my Mocs

I haven't thought/got a name for this Moc yet, I do have sort of a backstory that is still developing for the moment. But here is a reference stuff for it. Also I'm open for ideas on improving the design and yes, I know the Rahkshi head is over used on mocs, but I like how it looks.

Front View

Side View

Back view with stored weapons

Finnally a height comparison between this moc, my self moc (The one with the Vakama Hordika head), and the moc I called E.P.D (Easily. Produced. Drone)


Ok, messed up greivous with rahkshi head and brutaka blades...


You know I didn't think of that. But I'm probably not a very good Moc maker in the first place so oh well at least it doesn't fall over. :sweat_smile:

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overall I only have 3 areas of critique. The front of both the arms and legs need coverage and the character needs a definable neck.

I Can fix that. Thanks for the critique :smile:

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one last little thing that could be done would be to add some black shells as highlight pieces throughout the moc to give more than just the head a secondary color.

Ok, I'll have to look and see if I have any black shells in the parts box. Again thanks for the help.

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Basically it's a heavily modified Grevious.

Sorry, but this is too similar to Grevious to judge on it's own merits.

After couple of hours looking at this. I'm starting to regret posting this moc, it needs work, definitely shows my skill is horrible at complex stuff, and is honestly just a rip off of Grevious which I didn't see the first time I was building it.

Hey thats ok, there's always room for improvement.

I know. I'm just acknowledging that I'm not very good, and/or original in some aspects cough legs, body,...head? Cough So this Moc will be meh. At least my self Moc looks okay..until I post it on here and watch what happens.

It's essentially a Rahkshi headed Grevious figure...

Be glad you try I get too perfectionistic to make anything in the first place.