One of My Rahi MOCs for the G3 Project

so i was trying to build one of my rahi from my sketch i made and it started to change in to this. i call it an ice swan this is a variation of the bird rahi concept i made and i hope to make more for each regions.
and Pohatuisawesome made a 3d model of my sketch

i made it so matoran and toa can ride it


Fixed the title for you. :wink:

Very cool. It looks very robotic. Nice job!

Very nice, Iā€™d certainly like to see more of these models.

The idea of a matoran riding it sold the idea imo. Nice job.

well i like the idea of matoran living with rahi as pets and farm animals.also the beetle in the picture is a hauler it can tow and pull heavy things the matoran cant.

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Very nice!

thanks. I wish the cast would talk about rahi in the podcast.