OneOfAMillionPeopleWhoLikePhantoka (Anti self moc)

So instead of writing tons of lore I’ll just post the character

This is OneOfAMillionPeopleWhoLikePhantoka, he is the opposite of me and my self moc, he plots to take over and kill TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika once and for all!

Torso by Kemzal


Pretty decent MOC! It’s simple, but I like it. Also the color scheme is very consistent!

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I like this one better than your selfMOC actually, due to the more contrasting color scheme. My main issue is the forward facing Nuva shoulders, which never look good to me. Not sure what to replace them with though, as Metru and Inika shoulder pads won’t work with that kind of arm.

Miscellaneous suggestions: use two pins on the shin armor instead of one so they don’t flop around, either ditch the sand green in the ankles or add more across the MOC, replace the dark green and lime in his left hand with lime (or sand green) and silver respectively.