Onepu the Assasin

(Aaahhh...inside jokes XD)

PLEASE NOTE: Before you comment about how awesome this MOC is, I did not design the actual body. If you want to see who did, click the link below!

In me and my brother's strange universe, Onepu has been nothing short of a dominator or Assasin since I got him off of BrickLink. Here is a MOC I've had for a while. I found the design while looking for ideas for a Takua MOC.

Front view

Back view

Side view

With gun

Proof that he has transparent eyes

Bionicle MOC Takua
The original MOC created by IGU. On Flickr


Fise out of ten, needs more purple.

One. At the time that I built this, purple was NON-EXISTANT in CCBS!
Two. It has about as much purple as the original set, as the only difference is that the knees and thighs are black!

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I like this moc

The backwards feet look odd and gappy, and the arms are a bit too beefy...but otherwise, I like it.

Okay. Ten likes. I'm gonna share something cool about this MOC. The strap actually came from my stop motion camera, IDK why, so I decided to use it on this MOC.


Whoever designed that body is a genius, and you translated it into Onepu very well.

Thanks! And did you click the link to see who did? I attached it to the bottom, in case you didn't know! :smiley:

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I really like how Takua's built.

I do to! That's why I made this in the first place!

The arms are too long.

Perhaps he was going for the weird proportioned McToran style...

That IS what I was going for, because, as far as I can recall, the only set he was was a McToran

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I thought so, a lot of Mocist do this...

Very nice, but could use one more purple piece.

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