Those who dwell in Web of Shadows weave the thread of time.

They hide.
They wait.
They watch.
They know.



Very clean and simplisitic (without being uncomplicated), nice use of the air balloon pieces!

what happened to the double o

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Lots of Visorak revamps lately.
This one’s fairly simple, but the balloon abdomine makes it stand out. Nice part use.

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It’s a very cool revamp, and also keeps your creepy style of MOCing, which is awesome to see.

Very nice.

Very nice, I really like how they’re more based on actual spider anatomy than the original visorak.

It’s a collab.

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On the one hand, I love the phenomenal build and colour blocking.

But on the other hand, my arachnophobia is screaming get this thing away from me right now.

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