Onua MOC/redo thing

Hello again! I finished something off ages ago that I was proud of and wanted to share. It is a MOC loosley based of Onua from 2016. Be warned I put edgy hand energy things in.

Well I hope the images worked out fine.

Have a good day!

Edit: woah I just realised how short the legs look in the photos. They are short, but not as short as they appear.


Wow, this torso looks amazing!

The legs are too short and stubby, otherwise this is pretty good.

I’m sorry… I would really want to like this, but I can’t get over the fact that Onua looks like the BEFORE from Before and After weight loss pictures.


This is what would happen if Onua went full-on elemental mode like Pohatu did in jto

@MakutaTexxidos my new head canon right here