Onua: The Dark hunter of the Caves

Onua Toa of Earth transformed himself into the most deadly dark hunter due to the magical powers of Makuta. Now he has to live his life by murdering toa for Masks. he has One arm which is cybernetics and the other which is pure gold from all the great kanohi masks on his arm

This Moc Was designed to replicate all five versions of Onua. He has claws to represent Onua Mata, Silver Bulk on his chest to represent his nuva Form, Huge Bulky arms for his Mistika form, the wide chest from his Master form from gen 2 and his last form which had translucent colours. I am running on a tight budget but honestly atleast i made a moc.

This was all taken on a mac


Great moc but 2 major things:Back and side views looks weird and the neon green is better off with Black

Thanks for the advice but i am running on a tight budget :confused:
Ps Should i add the edited pictures

I like the "chain" around the neck, but despite the mutation concept, the appearance still feel rather incomplete-
It doesn't capture all of Ouna generation too well and the leg are wonky.

The arms a little long but that doesn't really matter. Great job, looks really cool!