Onuis Elemitrix of Light / Destiny Creature of Light

Name: Onuis

Element: Light

Team: The “Pure One”

Backstory: He is has a huge ego about himself being pure ,because of his element of light. One day he and his friend stumbled upon some ancient ruins and finds some more people, you should know the rest. If not go to the original Elemitrix.

Name: Destiny

Element: Light

Base: Scorpion

Master: Onuis?


The yellow is rather distracting, I recommend using black and trans neon green instead. - Other than that, I quite like it.

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The creature dosnt scream shadow. But these are probably the best of the ones youve done so far.

While not too bothered by the colors I think the simple build is a bigger con, it’s a fairly simple build and nothing really stands out from the toa, the scorpion looks more interesting, the yellow and gold just seem a bit odd together but it’s nice.

I see, scorpions follow wherever a pohatu mask is.
Jokes aside, the scorpion could have seen some more white, and onuis seems very generic.

The story has a new start.