Onward (2020)

Ok, this really took me by surprise

I thought Toy Story 4 was the only Pixar movie we will get in 2019, but apparently I was wrong.
But hey, finally a Pixar Movie that isn’t a sequel! It seems to be refreshingly new, and it has Tom Holland and Chirs Pratt! I am defeneatly looking forward into this!
What are your thoughts?
EDIT: The movie is actually comming up in 2020, thanks to @Traykar for correcting me.


Finally, somethig that is not a sequel!


It’s not WALL-E 2, so I don’t really care.


Seriously, don’t you want something fresh and new?:laughing:

From Pixar? No.

I just want a sequel (or prequel) to WALL-E.


This looks interesting.
That’s all i have to say.

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It’s coming in 2020


I try not to judge by teasers but I’m judging it

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From what I see here, the aesthetic feels very similar to Zootopia. However, from what I have read about the direction of the plot, this will (happily) end up being very different. I’m just glad to see another original Pixar movie because I enjoyed Coco so much.


I was sold on this movie even before the trailer dropped. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt starring in an animated movie from a beloved studio that shaped my childhood? Sign me up.

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Has anybody seen this movie yet? I might go see it tonight but want to hear if you think it’s with the right bucks.


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I saw it a week before it came out. I loved it.

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What? How?

It was at an advance screening.

Alright, sounds pretty cool.

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