My interpretation of the 2005 Visorak set of the same name. I wanted to go for a more realistic spider-like look while still retaining aspects of the original.


More on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/140308582@N05/with/49148926862/


This. Is amazing. 9/10 gud spider

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Though it doesn’t look a lot like a Visorak, the striking color scheme and great part usages make it a fantastic build!

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10/10 am spooked. very cool use of the dinosaur parts.

This MOC looks certainly looks incredible, but it barely resembles any Visorak. If I would be in your place, I would go for another name

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Nice pieces used throughout the whole build, and i like the colors! well done!

Very nice shaping and texturing, although by going hyper-realistic it kinda stopped resembling the original set in anything other than the main colour and one of the accent colours.
Which is not a bad thing, I must add, but I imagined a revamp to resemble more the original set.

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Oh my gosh I love the shape of those legs. This is so creative. :o

Really great work! Great color scheme, shaping and parts usage. I actually like that it puts the visorak in a more realistic light! If you really wanted to do what others have suggested, all you would have to do is just give it bigger pincers and make the eyes the same part used on the visorak set. Two semi simple changes, though I like this better.

This organic oohnorak is absolutely God tier.