Oomatu Art: G3 Weapon Discussion

It could be a nice thing if the Toa had bone and stone weapons year 1 and then moved on to metal n stuff in year 2?

That about sums it up. Tahu could have metal cause Mangians would likely have some primitive form of metallurgy. In later years their weapons could look more elementally “pure” with trans blades.

Lewa Axe
Kopaka Spear and Shield
Tahu Sword
Gali Hooks
Onua Claws
Pohatu Boomarangs
Takua Staff
Voriki Trident

Interesting. Lewa’s needs to be reimagined for aerodynamic purposes, axes or not. Claws and boomerangs should be secondary weapons if anything, though I definitely think they should exist in G3.

I just want pieces for all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

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I liked the idea of Lewa having fans, but I love the classic axe, so hey, why not both?
and also here’s some Gali hook concepts.


These look great! Although I imagine that likely the weapons will be custom pieces. Mechanically, they could very well work like this.


In '01 Lewa didn’t truly fly, so maybe in '01 it didn’t matter that his axe wasn’t aerodynamic. (plus that whole woodsmen aesthetic) But when he could fly his weapons became more aerodynamic. So should Lewa be able to truly fly in year 1? (or does that even matter.)

Flight I feel should be a passive ability on year one


@Oomatu @NinjaBoyJoel Hmm… what if the axe was designed with some sort of rocket booster or something? So basically if Lewa wants to fly she just holds up her axe and blast into the air for a quick burst of flight. The booster would be facing downward on the axe, I think, almost like a glider that is build into the weapon so that the actual axe blades become mini wings or something.

I dunno, that’s what first came to mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like aang’s staff?

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Yes, but with an axe on the end, I think. And rockets.

am i the only one that thinks o.e of onuas hammers looks like reinharts hammer

What are your thoughts on Gali’s weapon?


These are very traditional, though I think they need a shaper spiral.

For Lewa, maybe something like this (bottom)? A more pronounced axe combined with the tonfa? And an idea for Tahu (top).

(edit) I made this a while ago, and then realized it was similar to my drawing here, thought something like this could work for Tahu.

If you check out my new Le-Koro art , you can see a Tonfa/Ax design reminiscent of this. Great minds must think alike!

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Thanks! I didn’t see the tonfa handles at first (tiny screen, not your fault), very cool.

I think the shield has very tribal feel, sort of like the gungan shields in star-wars. Maybe that oval shape could give it some width?

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Then Lewa would be Reinhardt. If Reinhardt´s hammer was an axe instead, that is.

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Fair enough…

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