Oomatu Art: Rahi Concepts Megathread

Exactly. I’m wondering if having two different types of bovine Rahi (each with a fundamentally different shape) would be a good choice to make.

I mean, with Artahka there is linked limitless opportunity for creating new species. No sense limiting ourselves in any capacity.


I could imagine the Kane Ra being suited for the deserts of Motara, where it would have plenty of space to run and charge, while the Artahka bull would be more suited to Ihu or even Kanae, where the multiple legs would help it climb and navigate tricky terrain.


I can’t really see Artakha bulls reaching Kanae (floating island regions, anyway), but I could see them in Tiro.


Agreed; it was just a thought. The idea was simply to have two contrasting regions, a role that I could see Tiro fitting.


Agreed. I’ve actually come up with a few more species that could be introduced as well (whether still living or extinct). I have them listed in the Rahi section of this topic:

Energy Hounds: same as G1, but possessing adaptive biology to survive their immediate surroundings.
Kanohi Dragon: legendary Rahi (extinct?) possessing a variety of unnatural abilities, which is further explained in the link.
Visorak: spider-like Rahi possessing near-Matoran sentience. Venom can cause induced aggression and ferality. Amphibious and omnivorous.


Is this still a thing?

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Honestly I have to complain these are way too small, which makes them less intimidating than I’d like

Maybe small compared to their constraction forms, but compared to a minifigure they look pretty big.

@Oomatu These look very good! Do you have a design for the Fire Spitters?

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I know you said you’d muck around with it, but here’s a rough Muaka outta LDD @Oomatu. Now all rendered.

When I say rough, I mean it. This is the first time that I’ve worked with the Mixels joints, and as per usual for my stuff, I’m pretty sure that the proportions are buggered as well. But yeah, food for thought boys and girls.

Fixed the back legs

EDIT: And now Kraawa.

This one might need some proportion suggestions, and potentially a more complex tail and sturdier joints. Scale was more the issue here; would the scale presented be appropriate, or would something like the Mighty Creator Dinosaur that came out this year be more appropriate?

As per the cast’s suggestions (and my own misgivings), I’ve modified the legs both to make them sturdier (Hopefully to the extent needed) and to make the feet more accurate to Oomatu’s art, and to leave a stud section for a minifigure to sit on, though I’m not sure if it should be flush with the tiles or not (it probably should).

EDIT: Nui-Rama up next.

This was surprisingly quick to cobble together, and rather fun. Azure was the closest colour that I could get to Oomatu’s pic.

EDIT: This is getting out of hand; Kane-Ra coming up. Could really do with decoration, but I have no idea how to do that.

I know the piece that Oomatu was going for on the back, but I couldn’t find it. Just imagine that it’s there.

EDIT: Found it.

EDIT: Very out of hand; Frost Beetle.

This one was fun. So many limbs to muck around with!
I’m thinking of trying to fit a function in for the Tarakava, but I’m at a loss as how to implement it based on the image. We’ll see. So that’ll likely be last. After completing these, I’m planning on adapting the Bohrok and the Bahrag if I can, and then Tahtorak.

Also, @Oomatu (sorry if mentioning ya is peeving you off), are there specific pieces that you had in mind for all these joints? I feel like I’ve missed something looking back at it all.

EDIT: I swear, this is the last one tonight. Ghekula.

This was a fun little thing. Could be part of a background thing like that sea creature of Sokoda’s in the Naho Boat.

EDIT: Tarakava! And LDD doesn’t have teal. I am subsequently depressed.

Mmm…I think Oomatu’s design could use some more of a magic touch than what I can apply…and I’m not the only one. Thoughts based on the recent podcast, @Oomatu?

EDIT: Altered design based on @prpldragon’s concept that was shown on the podcast (sorry if the mentioning peeves you off, prpl, and no, everyone else on the cast, don’t jump on her back about my apprehension.) Also a few Gyarados vibes going on. I’ll pop up a bestiary for fun somewhere as well.



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Would a static leg piece for the Tarakava (like what I did with the Gheluka) work better in terms of the illustration? I feel like I may have made them too long.

Nah, I think those look fine!

Cheers. I’ll stick up some renders later today, including a new concept which could use some critique…

EDIT: And then I almost forget to post my originalish concept.


EDIT: And a list of potential candidates for the future;

Gukko; (Non-canon, now that Sokoda and Kardax’s designs are a thing)

Went with more of a Microraptor-esque build, thus making it more natural, yet keeping the four wings. Also, I just really like Microraptor.

And a better build. Thought of it and immediately thought, why didn’t I do that in the first place? And if the original wing profile is thought to be better, then I can easily modify this one.


One in a brown colour, though the overall design could use some tweaking.


Tried to add a merger of Melum and the original Manas for a function (that was rather a hurdle), but I’m not too sure how well it turned out. The colour scheme isn’t final either; I’m probably going to go for a more vibrant set. This is more a proof of concept.

Nui-Jaga: (non-canon, go with Kardax’s)

G2 purple and the original colours.

Proto Drake:

EDIT: More plesiosaur version of the Proto Drake.


This is very much in the prototype stages because this is very much being designed as a part of Matoran culture, and I think I may have ballsed up the proportions. I also had a bit of Star Wars in mind, like the background loader droids, when I was making the claws.

Larger shell and double seats.

Burnak/Graalok: Aka the Ash Bear.

Version with different colours;



Keras/Spider Crab:

Modified with “holders” like they were in G1.


I think this needs some work; maybe a more segmented build? Probably needs to be smaller too. Feel free to rattle off suggestions.

EDIT: Smaller version based on the colouring of the Takea Submarine.

And an even smaller version with a hybrid build. Think Akida for the fins, rather than those eye pieces…LDD failed me again.


Various species of eels, including lava, electric, and venom. Fun little things.

Gafna: Six varieties. Same explanation as the Bohrok that I made for Velocijacktor.

Gadunka: A more insectoid species in comparison to G1.

Mahi: I believe that these appeared in illustrations.

I had fun with the shaping and positioning of the joints on this one. Went and had a squiz at a cow skeleton picture. Also, a basic cart. Screw those chains…Kardax’s ones are likely the more canon now though.

Underwater Ray/Manutri: Name’s there largely for the sake of having an exotic name.

Stinger Whale:

Firespitter/Vako? (Is this another name for them? It was in the story bible.)

I liked the idea of the Lava Beast colour scheme and the mosasaur jaws, and eventually I found a way to extend the old creature torsos. LEGO probably might not use the parts though, given how old and unused they are, they’d probably just make new molds. There’s alterations in the Vako Nest thread.

Any potentials that I missed? And any listed that are no…just no?


Very well done.

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Something that has just depressingly occurred to me is this fellow’s section:

Probably a lot better than my interpretations, though Oomatu’s designs are of course top in this case.


I think the tarakava should like, have really short legs and a really long torso that sorta bends forward at the bottom like the tarakava in g1 but with legs.


You’re not the only one; the cast seem to think so too. I might wait until see Oomatu’s input, since I was adapting from his design. In the meantime, I’ve sturdied up the Kraawa.

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Bonesiii’s stuff sucks in my opinion.

I’m very self conscious. I was also operating off comparisons between our Takea. I still need to sort out a proper design, although Oomatu tends to be the superior designer.

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He doesn’t yet, but I do.