Opinion on Pokémon Games, Show, and TCG?

This is regarding one of my other hobbies other than Lego. I’m a massive Pokémon nerd. I love the anime, the games, the cards, everything!!! But what’s your opinion? Is Pokémon childish, or is it awesome? Is it overrated, or too good to be true? Leave your opinion below.

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I’m honestly dumbfounded that there hasn’t been an actual general Pokemon topic till now.

Anyway, I’ve never played any of the games, but I would love to, the anime is okay, but I prefer Digimon, and I collect the cards on occasion. However, I do love Pokemon as a concept. I absolutely love the creatures. They’re designs, powers, history, everything about them. I guess you could say that "m more into the lore than anything.

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I never really played the TCG, I more just collected the cards. (I eventually got rid of most of them since I have no use for them.)
The show was decent, although I only watched a bit of Indigo League, most of B/W, and a bit of X/Y. So I don’t know if that’s saying much.

although if D/P/PT goes on Netflix I’m going to watch it so I can maybe understand what the heck is a Sinnoh

The games are completely different for me. I still haven’t finished Sun, but it’s been great, the no gym leaders makes it feel like R/S/E again. (with the whole 16-bit graphics and such)

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This is a thing?


Oh. Never mind about what I said then.

I’m more of a collecter too. The card game is really complex.

Actually it appears we already have a general Pokémon topic here:

Since we don’t allow duplicate topics, this shall remain closed.

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