Opinions are a thing you know

I made this topic as a literal child please kill me dead.


Why exactly do you like HF more than BIONICLE?


I thought that HF was pretty cool; the sets were alright; the story had potential.

I don't hate people over their opinions on different Lego themes, and I don't start flame wars about differing opinions. Just saying.

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Opinions are illegal on the internet.
That's how I've gathered it.


Wrong hyperlink, or...?

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Ya, I was referring to the hate for liking the Stars.

I removed it.

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Ah, ok, I see.

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Completely irrelevant to the point he's making. He shouldn't have to justify his opinion

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Okay. I'm just asking.

I see you are new to the internet. May I be your guide?


Opinions exist. It's just that some opinions, through massive democratic appeal, are clearly superior to other ones and other opinions, since they are in the minority, are de facto lies and worthy of hate.

(this is me being sarcastic if you didn't know)

Meanwhile, I am of the opinion that this thread belongs in community. Ergo I put it there.


I'm not sure I agree with that. I will respect any opinion you can justify, but if you cannot justify that, I don't feel entitled to respect it. A justification can be as simple as "I grew up with Hero Factory, not BIONICLE", or something completely about taste ("I prefer the simpler story/the building style suits me better"), but if someone literally has no reason for their opinion, I will debate it against them.


Guys, this better not start fights. Because we do need fights.

My opinion on opinions: people should respect them more. It seems the social media seems to push it on us all the time. They go with the flow, like what's best, and sometimes people don't even have their own opinion anymore because they want to be liked. But people with diverse opinions are unique and we need unique opinions.


I like HF a whole lot more than other bionicle fans, however, I still prefer good ol bonkle. Bionicle (IMO) had better story telling and better character development. HF on the other hand (IMO) had a world that could have been expanded upon so much more. It was like if bionicle and star wars had a kid. They could have added darker characters, bounty hunters, a galactic war, an apocalyptic event, ANYTHING! Instead they just kept on with the same old good guys vs bad guys. In brain attack I thought they were going in the right direction, but no.

But hey, that's just an opinion. A BONKLE OPINION! Thanks for reading.


I don't hate HF, I actually liked the premise for Invasion From Below. I loved HF.FM when it first came out. But overall, HF was wasted potential.


Wrong topic, bro.


Opinions+internet=Instant death


I believe everyone has the right to their own opinion, and that people should accept and respect that person's opinion even if they don't agree with it.


Oooh okay.

we need to explain that to the rest of the internet