Orde, the violent Toa of psionic

My interpretation of Toa Orde (Updated)

Different angle

Some poses

No painted parts required out of the mask and the weapon.
Mask made by KhingK, Mace by me.


Ah that mace looks good. As for the moc it’s generally ok but the shoulders seem a bit wide.

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Thank you. They are a bit large, yes, but as one of the first toa ever created and if we refer to Helryx canon design with her shoudler armor that are pretty large compared to her arms, I tought it could be ok. And it reminded me Silver Chariot shoulder armor from Jojo’s bizarre adventure, so I found them cool.

Anyway, I’ll try to find new attachement method and see if it becomes better.

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Is it better ?


very nice - simple but good!

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ye that looks better


ok :+1:

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His torso looks kinda weird, but this moc is pretty good otherwise.

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nice build

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